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  1. Everyone should be God-Centered versus being self-centered.

    Anyone's god can be anything including themselves, scientists, politicians, spirituals, priests, satan, jinns, magicians, false prophets, folks of people, etc...

    The wise person seeks for the Greater Than the greater and greater and The Most Powerful God to make Him The Centerd!

    And afraid of Him!

    And be pleasured based on His Pleasures and be displeasure based on His Displeasure!

    Even if they are against his own positions[race/nation/country/parents/previous minds]

    Because knows that there won't be any way toabsconded from He!

    1. Yusef



      But you see that we are religious and have fear of God, also the same religion and fear, Not keep me from learning! Rather Keep me toward learning! As you see in my posts.


      God Is The First/Last, and we can't judge Him even if He Will Punish us without any reason.

      Secondly I was connected theory[curving the time] of the great scientist Albert Einstein[r.a] to the sayings of the greatest scientists the Twelvers by using Algorithm/Logic/Crossword

      And about 2 hours ago that i woke up for prayer of morning, i thought and got a great theory that will be an evolution to this science [of this era] and i won't tell to others while one of the advanced countries including Japan, USA, Germany, Korea, UK, France, etc.. request me to migration and give me a free little house and a great farm to a village there, then join me to a great discovery/explorer team then i will say my great theory to them also i will freely have discovery for them forever!

      But also it depends on their country that give me a Toyota or Ford truck 😂

      And someone think i have had already these knowledge at once, then i bring/quote/provide them slowly bit by bit!! Nope!

      These knowledgs will be gotten by the crossword i introduced in the past!

      Hadhrat Ali[S.A.A] said: "...everything has a Zakat[tithe/tax] and Zakat of Ilm[Science] is teaching to others. And the Zakat makes several advantages and branches for the same"

      Well, Do you know we non-fool thinkers that research purely, we would love to have discussion/debate with others and teach others, for

      1. Paying our taxes[Zakat]

      2. By discussion around a thing, exactly such as the crossword i exampled, some parts of some parts of the Science have been discovered by some scientists, then the greatest scientists means the messengers of God have already taught us some parts of the Science, then we put them side by side together Also those who we are debating/discussing with them, ask us some questions Also share for us their own knowledges, then in the great Crossword of the Science our minds will be opened to solve many things Also will be opened to access a series of new tables of the Crossword:

      Such as

      Hydraulic pressure that made a revolution to science of Mechanic

      Or the Digital that made a revolution to the Electronic


      It that i arrived at that today, it is the same new tables!

      And if one of advanced countries won't request me, then i will take that to the grave and won't say to arrogant fake scientists about that.

      Exactly such as the great scientists Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla May God Be Pleased with them[r.a]

      The concept i'm saying about that, it's extracting of the same thread Universe Vs Multiverse! that the admins closed that and in fact have closed their own minds to the greater minds.


      Tell me how can a crossword be solved while it has been closed!?? Or one insist to putting a series of wrong informations on its tables!??

      Or insist only a series of scientists/people/knowledges are allowed to put in that!??

      The Science will be stopped or at least will grow slowly.

      Such as a Zip file of computer, i can extract 3 important concept from the same thread that each one of them is more important than other!!

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