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  1. Everyone should be God-Centered versus being self-centered.

    Anyone's god can be anything including themselves, scientists, politicians, spirituals, priests, satan, jinns, magicians, false prophets, folks of people, etc...

    The wise person seeks for the Greater Than the greater and greater and The Most Powerful God to make Him The Centerd!

    And afraid of Him!

    And be pleasured based on His Pleasures and be displeasure based on His Displeasure!

    Even if they are against his own positions[race/nation/country/parents/previous minds]

    Because knows that there won't be any way toabsconded from He!

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      I'm really glad NOT to be focused on gods. Fear keeps me from learning, religion perverts what can be learned, and I don't have to pretend my beliefs are better than yours. 

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