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  1. Cetus :

    With a world wide thick cloud cover that will bring rain ?. Yes a lot of it since the days of Noah.

    Not the Nuclear Winter but our oceans warm water will affect large land masses. But after will be so cold that from rain our oceans will lower and our earth blocked off from our sun will put our earth back to an ice age.

  2. Global Warming a Recycling Affect:


    Global Warming was before the flood.


    Global warming is a good omen. It will be hot as hell.

    When oceans get warm and fish die or go to cooler water too survive.


    Warm ocean water vaporizes and we'll have weather never before seen in history.

    Tidal waves, tsunami, huricans and riseing ocean levels will be after we are gone.

    Cloud cover from the dinosaur extintion threw our earth into a deep freeze.


    Hot ocean water has the same effect in evaporation with a world thick cloud cover blocking off our sun for decades to come


    you see our world has a way of recycling its self. World thick cloud cover will throw our earth back into a deep freeze of glasiation.


    No way our earth will be doomed and will always be here.

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