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  1. I just learnt a new word. ...while listening to psithurism.
  2. What you talking about! Niel De Grasse Tysons a bonafide meme machine. He's a brilliant educator.
  3. Not wanting to point out the obvious but have you asked him. You say you've asked your mum but what about your dad? Would be very awkward though. DNA tests are pretty simple too. But this pretty much sums it up perfectly for me. good luck whatever happens.
  4. You leave Tina alone, and there's nothing wrong with the way she dances either... thanx will do. Same to you. Please don't reply either, every time it loads my iPad nearly melts with all the pages
  5. They offered me abit of help instead which I wasn't expecting, after pavarotti I'm listening to Simply the Best by Tina Turner, because despite the above my job sucks major ass..
  6. Nessun dorma by Pavarotti, i thought I was going to get fired from work today and didn't.
  7. Some more.... how the universe works (live docs) Khan academy/Medicine (educational) International Center for Theoretical Sciences (lectures) World Science festival (debates, lectures, videos- the brain, robotics, everything really) Numberphile (numbers) Ones above are abit for the layman, these are a lot more informative.
  8. I'm not religious but I know a lot of religious people from all sorts of religions, they take advice from non religious people all the time, it not like they ask you first, it's like an atheist not taking advice from a religious person, it would be stupid. in U.K. (Where I live anyway) religion is a very personal thing, people normally keep it to themselves. theres a jehovah witness place down the road from me, Americans mainly, always found them to be pretty smart and likeable actually but that's just me..
  9. Trumps gone in a few years anyway whether he likes it or not, but the shift in attitude and opinion by lawmakers and others won't be so I'd say New York. But you know what politics is like...
  10. Maybe better to put a link to spec savers instead! Not sure if I still count as new but- Asteron x ( a bit far fetched though I think! ) Curious Droid John Michael Godier PBS space time/eons Web of stories-life stories of remarkable people ( Gell-Mann, Teller, Dyson), I find the history of science just as important and fascinating. and about a million more, I found my favourite ones by accident.
  11. spam download link removed by moderator Think this is the link to the story about the nurses aceing the exam. its not... it doesn't work for some reason. I'll work it out though.
  12. Just been reading about the Japanese student doctors who just came out top after shamefully having their grades altered I still can't believe it sometimes when I hear about these stories, maybe in Saudi but not Japan. It shows the scale of the problem and why it's based on complete nonsense I think. makes you wonder what else is yet to be discovered. trying to put link in but can't, on iPad 4s so not sure if it's me or comp.
  13. Ther was a story in U.K. Recently about employees who were agreeing to be chipped by the company they worked for. They were doing it for security purposes. Sounds reasonable to me, especially if your a tech firm, I see it becoming common place especially with China's spying. it's no different to having a pace-maker, people have things like this all the time. Much better then passwords also, I'd definitely have one.
  14. Don't understand, besides original op was whether there is a connection between racism and survival of the fittest, this is more like whether different races should mix.
  15. Sorry but that's the biggest load of crap I've heard in a long time.
  16. I don't think it is part of the human condition, society has gotten more accepting as we've advanced, look at Mandela, started as a terrorist targeting whites then become a global icon for peace.
  17. Just a layman! There's a lot of thought gone into this for a layman. I'm impressed.
  18. Nah not you, me, just pointing out that the evidence against my argument was a bit overwhelming, can't argue against that can I? But this is getting off topic now.
  19. And in Britain, the above is called "having your arse serverd to you on a plate".
  20. Just watched a video about Rwanda, it's not a very good example, South Africa?
  21. Eise, your answers are bloody brilliant, been reading your other posts, there really informative and easy to understand. Don't mean to be nosy but have you ever been a teacher?

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  22. Not knowing is better than knowing I think. Much more fun to think about. Something that has completely different laws would be great though.
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