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  1. There's a thread in computer science - will VR ever replace reality - which has answers similar to what I think your looking for. Without being rude, it's not one of the better threads though. an even better one in computer science is - will we get brain computer interfaces by 2037 - both of these are on the first page.
  2. We should ask Elon if we can borrow his car, and just drive there! Couldn't we just get its composition from telescopes like they do with planets?
  3. Starting to think getting people to the nearest star is completely impossible. Maybe better to just send small probes that can assemble into something bigger. Use bio-tech to make us there instead, with artificial wombs and stuff.
  4. I was thinking about this in work, I really hope so. my idea was to use it for people in a vegative state, the people who can still hear and think. Connect the VR to there eyes and family members could link up in a VR room. How amazing would that be? Or even better a hologram! They could use the neurolink to communicate. There's a TV series called Altered Carbon that has the same thing. They stole their tech from aliens though. I personally think it's when not if. Maybe in the next Century or two. Understanding the brain will be the biggest problem, maybe even more difficult than the theory of everything in my opinion.
  5. There's a film called Grave of the Fireflies I really need to watch https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grave_of_the_Fireflies.
  6. The quote above from Swansont is from the "is time travel possible?" thread, in the general philosophy section by the thinkertank.
  7. Apparently a photon rocket is the most promising engine for interstellar flight. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photon_rocket
  8. Change how? Personally or scientifically? Thats very confusing btw, like a tongue twister. Personally yes. If I hadn't changed I would be still be a arragont idiot, like I was in school. I change all the time. My views on certain subjects have been right wing all the way to left wing (in the middle now). Scientifically yes as well, always to a lower state/energy I think. But I don't think that's what you mean though. It needs a more educated person to answer this.
  9. If not Scientifically then:- pain is the opposite to happiness, without one you wouldn't appreciate the other. So pain could be thought of as the foundation of happiness. Maybe. Maybe a better way to look at pain is to look at the good things it's responsible for, like Empathy etc.. Sorry, my philosophy is just as crap as my science unfortunately.
  10. Absolutely, I would love it, and I already know what I'd get mechanised first too. id also get lasers in my robot eyes, titanium body, quantum chip brain, rocket thrusters for feet, built in sound system, microwave stomach, think of all the things you could do... But seriously, if we were at an age when we are travelling around the galaxy I imagine some "modifications" would be advantageous.
  11. I imagine the power needed to contain heat from the engine compared to shielding for you craft would be huge also, if this ion engine can get to Mars in 39 days then you could do the whole thing in under 3 months. So you wont be exposed to as much Cosmic radiation
  12. I'll tell you before they do- you need to give a description of what it is. Links should only be used as further/more detailed information for those who are interested.
  13. Or a way to get trade going on Mars! Your Mars colony can mine Minerals and stuff for my Venus colony.
  14. Mars is crap anyway. We should go to Venus instead. It's closer, there's more energy (solar), there's gravity and we'd all get to live in cool airships.
  15. Tried to edit but waited to long... I haven't read any of these books, but just to try and stay on topic of the OP, an internet search recommended: Philosophical Letters (1733) - Voltaire The Origin of Species (1859) - Charles Darwin On a Piece of Chalk (1868) - Thomas Huxley The Mysterious Universe (1930) - James Jeans The Birth and Death of the Sun (1940) - George Gamow The Character of Physical Law (1965) - Richard Feynman The Elegant Universe (1999) - Brian Greene The Selfish Gene (1976) - Richard Dawkins The Making of the Atomic Bomb (1986) - Richard Rhodes The Inflationary Universe (1997) - Alan Guth The Whole Shebang (1997) - Timothy Ferris Hiding in the Mirror (2005) - Lawrence Krauss Warped Passages (2005) - Lisa Randall
  16. Religion might not be making the contribution but i think its helps drive it. The Red Cross for example. Jean-Henry Dunant (founder) was partly inspired by Christian teachings regarding social responsibility. The biggest problem with all religion is that there represented by the wrong people, usually people like Ken Ham or some other idiot.
  17. According to Wikipedia: Abraham Pais (Dutch-American physicist) wrote that "Whittaker's treatment of special relativity shows how the authors lack of physical insight matches his ignorance of the literature". Sounds like he really didn't think much of Einstein, like he thought he was overrated, he credited Poincare and Lorentz for special relativity, and said Einstein only added "some amplifications which attracted to much attention". Maybe this influenced his thinking too much, maybe people thought he was just trying to discredit Einstein or something. But I'm not able to understand the level of maths/physics in the links so that's just a guess.
  18. I've read "The God Delusion" which was was pretty good. I wouldn't say that science lovers "need" to read it though. Its was more about flaws in religion than science I thought. I like him but I don't think he does much for science, never actually heard of anyone changing there mind after meeting him, I would like to see him interview a respected physicist who believes in god rather than school children. Would be much more interesting. He seems to be of the opinion that science and religion doesn't/can't go together. Which I think is bulls*#t.
  19. Made me depressed reading this, the Chinese claim to have successfully tested one in space, must be talking out of their ass. they claim- input power of 2.5kw, their 2.45GHz em drive produces 720 mN of thrust.
  20. Payback for what? Not thinking like you. pretty sure this would encourage home grown terrorism. Fighting the man so to speak. Might give us some good music though. And prison systems are hugely expensive, and despite them (prisoners) being isolated from us history has shown that we're not isolated from them- The Aryan Brotherhood being a good example.
  21. Angela's Ashes! Your crazy! I want to fight you.... one of my favourite books, can't believe you don't like it Finnegans wake - James Joyce thought I'd start reading serious novels instead of magazines to make myself more interesting. Won't make that mistake again. Would of been easier to learn Chinese than to try an understand that.
  22. Ok, just wanted to get my facts straight. I think its important to note that the program was entertainment focused I reckon tysons opinion on who the "designer" is is a lot different from who the religious people think it is. To put them in the same group isn't fair in my opinion. An incompetent buffoon. I disagree. You've got to remember that the majority of his audience are just ordinary people who wouldn't understand if he went into to much detail.
  23. Don't forget about all the galaxies we can't and never will see! also I've read that 90% of the galaxies we can see have already passed the point of no return and are not really there anymore (past the edge of the visible universe where it's faster than light) Maybe the above point would be a good motivator to leave your galaxy. Even travelling at slow speeds you would still have enough time to get here. I think alien life will more like the Heptpods in the film Arrival than green men
  24. I think no one can argue this. They are in no way responsible for their government. maybe UK or France but not North Korea.
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