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  1. 2 hours ago, Airbrush said:

    Thank you.  On your list the Davy Crockett is the lightest weight.  Anything smaller would probably be top secret, right?

    Not sure if these will help, but



    Nuclear weapons designer Ted Taylor has alleged that a 105 mm (4.1 inch) diameter shell with a mass of 19 kg is theoretically possible.[3] Conversely, reduction beyond the size of the W54 means that linear implosion designs must be employed and neutron reflectors dispensed with ("bare core"), so a much larger mass of fissile material is required and explosive yield is reduced dramatically.

    https://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/systems/w54.htm (the bottom of the page)


    Special Atomic Demolition Mines (SADMs) were developed for employment by Soviet special operations forces, known as Spetsnaz. While the numbers of SADMs developed for possible use by Soviet forces was unclear, former Red Army intelligence personnel have written that these weapons were designed to have between a 0.8 and 2.0 kiloton yield, and were man-portable. Research suggested that the Soviets investigated applying "boosted fission" technology to their SADMs, which would provide 98% of the yield of fusion weapons.



  2. IMG_4983.thumb.JPG.2bf9b946525fefee6ca81be78a1ec7d0.JPG

    A visualization showing the South Pole Wall, a large cluster of galaxies near the southernmost part of the sky.
    (Image: © D. Pomarede, R. B. Tully, R. Graziani, H. Courtois, Y. Hoffman, J. Lezmy.)

    Spectacular 3D maps of the universe have revealed one of the biggest cosmic structures ever found — an almost-inconceivable wall stretching 1.4 billion light-years across that contains hundreds of thousands of galaxies.


  3. Quote

    Effective July 6, 2021, the United States will no longer be a member nation of the World Health Organization, the White House announced Tuesday, ending the U.S.’s involvement in the global group, which President Donald Trump has claimed conspired with China to hide the true extent of the coronavirus pandemic.




    A newly discovered four-quark particle (illustrated) is the first to contain all heavy quarks, and more than two quarks of the same kind. CERN


    Physicists think they have detected the first conglomerate of four quarks incorporating more than two of the same kind. This tetraquark contains four quarks of the charm variety: two charm quarks and their antimatter counterparts, called anticharm quarks, researchers report online at arXiv.org on June 30.


  5. 18 minutes ago, swansont said:

    The courts have ruled that this is not the case in the US


    They can back off and let you be attacked, and they are not being derelict in their duty. According to the law/courts.

    Let's say I was attacking you, if the police do not have a duty to protect you, do they not have a duty to stop me from breaking the law?

    What happened 'To Protect and Serve'.

  6. Quote

    “The black hole’s mass is also about 8,000 times bigger than the black hole in the center of the Milky Way,” Dr. Onken said. “If the Milky Way’s black hole wanted to grow that fat, it would have to swallow two-thirds of all the stars in our Galaxy.”


  7. 1 hour ago, MigL said:

    I have even heard talk of J Biden picking a Republican woman of color as his VP.
    I don't think it will ever happen, although it would be a great way to end the polarization in American politics.

    I never knew you could do this. Do you think that changing the law so you have to have a VP of the opposite party would help keep both party's working together. If something happened to the president and it changed party's, wouldn't them having to pick a VP of the other party help keep it balanced.

    Seems like a really good way to keep them on more sociable terms.


  8. Sorry for the ramble,

    but a little surprised/shocked by the support for police officers using choke or blood holds or whatever. I'm not sure the image of police officers holding suspects in what appears to be a headlock is going to do their image much good. It's very easy for someone to panic in a situation like that and for the situation to get out of hand.

    my personal opinion is that the police should use the example of care homes and psychiatric hospitals. These people face situations like the police all the time. Ok, not with guns, but still high pressure situations with very unpredictable people.

    I used to work in care, some of the clients we looked after were prone to attacking you, so staff would receive special training. Some of these clients were huge, and I mean huge, due to side effects of their medication and whatever. Under no circumstances were we aloud to use chokes, arm twisting, pressure points etc.. instant dismissal.

    Yet the training was quick, effective and worked. It was all about movement, balance and momentum, avoiding sensitive areas.

    Maybe the police should put a priority in recruiting people from these backgrounds, social workers and maybe more people from older age groups might help too. They would definitely benefit from more training in mental health. Maybe include working at a psychiatric hospital or care home environment in their initial training. 

    Oh, and to the OP, yes of course they need more money. That's the problem, there being expected to do far to many things with the money they have.

    How about the same money, but less responsibilitys?

  9. 8 hours ago, Gian said:

    Is it true that this is already quite possible, but governments won't let us do it because of the potential dangers of nuclear accident?

    Not any more, it's nuclear thermal, not the nuclear explosions you mean, but still nuclear. Pretty exciting too. Let's hope it doesn't get cancelled.


    NASA received $100 million in the 2019 budget to develop nuclear thermal propulsion. DARPA is also developing a space nuclear thermal propulsion system to enable national security operations beyond Earth orbit.


  10. IMG_4882.JPG.7051d59557c83de9c8be9ee99f64ffcd.JPG

    The axion field rapidly runs over the potential barriers and eventually begins oscillations when sufficiently slowed down by friction. Credit: Co & Harigaya


    In a new study of axion motion, researchers propose a scenario known as "kinetic misalignment" that greatly strengthens the case for axion/dark matter equivalence. The novel concept answers key questions related to the origins of dark matter and provides new avenues for ongoing detection efforts.


  11. Disclaimer: Black hole not visible, southern hemisphere required.


    Astronomers have stumbled across the nearest black hole to us yet. The void lies at the heart of a stellar system just 1,000 light years away, and indications to its location are visible to the naked eye.

    The black hole obviously isn't visible to the naked eye, only the stars are, but if you want to look anyway it's located in the Telescopium constellation in the southern hemisphere. It'll be best viewed during a clear night, and two fuzzy bright pinpricks should be discernible without binoculars or a telescope.


  12. Quote

    Scientists have discovered an astronomical object that has never been observed before.

    It is more massive than collapsed stars, known as "neutron stars", but has less mass than black holes.

    Such "black neutron stars" were not thought possible and will mean ideas for how neutron stars and black holes form will need to be rethought.



  13. Quote

    Almost half a century ago, British physicist Roger Penrose proposed a theory about using black hole to create energy that challenged the laws of physics. Now, after five decades, Scottish scientists have validated the theory.

    Scientists at the University of Glasgow's School of Physics and Astronomy used sound waves to validate Roger Penrose's 1969 work. They seemed to have confirmed the theory that was believed to propagate "extremely odd physics."


  14. 1 hour ago, Othmane Dahi said:

    I mean when they knew that some people are smarter than other people 

    Wouldn't that be when we were still hunter gatherers. It's usually the more intelligent ones that become the main hunters.

    Maybe it was females that first started talking about it. Must've been a huge attraction back then, as it is now.

    Try this,




    An international collaboration of scientists has recorded the most accurate confirmation to date for one of the cornerstones of Einstein's theory of general relativity, 'the universality of free fall."..

    The universality of free fall principle states that two bodies dropped in a gravitational field undergo the very same acceleration independently of their composition.


  16. I could say " maybe you think it's good that there are 120 guns per 100 people in the US"

    But that doesn't mean every person in America has 120 guns. Most Americans don't own guns.


    Studies have shown that 36.3% of people had access to a gun and 5% carried the gun with them... Nonetheless, other studies have been conducted and show that 34.1% have access to guns. 4.8% carry a gun with them


  17. 32 minutes ago, MigL said:

    But if you were tasked with approaching/arresting a large guy, with the high likelihood that he is carrying a weapon ( 120 guns per person remember ? ), I think you would immobilize him first, and ask questions when you are sure you won't be shot at..

    You mean like when he's handcuffed on the floor and you know he's unarmed. Or when you have you knee on his neck and he can't breathe, or when you have fellow police officers with you.

    The police should treat each incident as it is, not how it could be.


  18. I'm not being delusional. 

    The fact of the matter is, George Floyd was unarmed, he wasn't being aggressive nor was he suspected of a violent crime. There were more than enough officers to arrest him without incident. 

    This 'yes, but look at the amount of guns in America' argument doesn't hold up. It's nothing more than a poor excuse for police brutality.


  19. 1 hour ago, MigL said:

    Police in other countries ( like mine ) don't have to worry about the large numbers of guns, compounded by open and concealed carry rules.
    How do you train for that, other than by taking control of the situation.


    How about like this.


    Nikolas Cruz, murdered 17 people


    George Floyd, suspect in a forgery.

    Notice the difference?

    The argument about the amount of guns and open carry being a problem is a load of crap.


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