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  1. 27 minutes ago, dimreepr said:


    There are people who don't feel pain (rare) and some who would be grateful for a reduced level of certain hormones; so what if you hit the jackpot and he was both?

    Or people who enjoy pain. Thankfully this guys long dead.

    Albert fish


    X-ray of Fish's pelvis and perineum, with two dozen self embedded needles.

  2. 9 hours ago, Sensei said:

    Human can get rid of money and the all evilness associated with them i.e. there will be no thieves, there will be no murders to kill witnesses of stealing, there will be no corruption, there will be no hunger, no people dying unable to buy food, medicament or unable to afford health care, there will be no poor, nor wealthy, no greediness nor jealousy of possession of things you don't have but others have.. no drug dealers, nor drug wars.. People will be well educated, if they will be intelligent enough to use free of charge universities..

    In the distant past, people lived in small villages, each other voluntarily helping other members of community because of goodness from the bottom of their hearts..

    Is it even possible to have a society with no money ( paper or electronic). How would that work? Where would the motivation to work come from, wouldnt this 'new' motivation not be the same as money. Being serious, this interests me.


  3. On 10/3/2019 at 4:58 AM, Sensei said:

    I said to somebody here, Merkel is the only politician who could speak with me... (the rest would not have idea what I am talking about anyway so waste of my time)



    Wow, easily the most arrogant post I've read from you, are you really that intelligent?

    Im sorry but Boris, yes Boris, would leave you looking like a idiot if you challenged him, in fact, most of them would, and I'm including politicians from all over the world chump.

    You probably think Donald Trump is an idiot too. Y'know, that dim witted billionaire who's the president of the United States. Yep, clearly an idiot.

    Sorry, but that's just intellectual snobbery at its worst, I hate to think what you think of the general public.

    Shame really, i normally find your posts informative.

  4. Ok thanks. 

    Marsquakes a link to go with video


    The craft sat on the surface of Mars for nearly six months before its first quake was detected. A "surprisingly high-frequency" seismic signal.

    The quakes suggest that the Martian crust is like a mix of the Earth's crust and that of the Moon. Cracks in the Earths crust seal over time as water fills them with new minerals. This enables sound waves to continue uninterrupted as they pass through old fractures.

    Drier crusts like the moon remain fractured after impacts, scattering sound waves for tens of minutes rather than allowing them to travel in a straight line. Mars, with its cratered surface, is slightly more Moon-like, with seismic waves ringing for a minute or so, whereas quakes on earth can come and go in seconds.

    Oh, I'm on iPad 4 by the way. I'll work it out. 


  5. 9 minutes ago, mistermack said:

    If what he said had been true, it would be the end of global warming problems, it would transform the economy of the entire world, and make the UK the equivalent of the new Saudi Arabia of the energy market. No big deal really. 

    Unlikely, most countries wouldn't be able to afford fusion, and those that could would prefer their own anyway. then there's the problem of having enough qualified engineers, South Africa being a good example.

    To be the new Saudi we would need to sell the fuel, not the "engine" so to speak. And China and the US would soon overtake us, especially with the size of their military and space agency.

    It would definitely be a game changer, especially for space propulsion, but I don't think it will change the world.

  6. https://www.labmate-online.com/news/news-and-views/5/stfc/project-could-inspire-next-generation-x-ray-lasers-and-particle-accelerators/50418


    A ground breaking technique that could produce an electron beam up to 10,000 times brighter than the most powerful beams today, has been developed by researchers from the UK and US. The findings could be particularly applicable for use in the next generation of more compact, more powerful particle accelerators, enhancing scientific applications.

    It was this however which caught my attention, quote...

    These ultrabright beams may eventually allow production of X-ray pulses short and bright enough to allow observation of electronic motion inside atoms and molecules on their natural timescales.

    Its like the polar opposite of the black hole photo, the perfect companion. 

  7. 5 hours ago, random_soldier1337 said:

    Anyway, I feel like I should I ask, is it possible to branch out just a bit while maintaining focus/mastery of a specific area? If so to what extent?

    Wouldn't that depend on your IQ/intelligence?

    Ive met a few people who had mastered a specific area but also had vast knowledge of other subjects too. All had a very high IQ. 

    I've personally mastered a few specific areas (in work) but when I master something new, I generally lose other skills as a result. It's only when different skills are closely related that I can improve on both, though always more one than the other, never both equally.

  8. 3 hours ago, Sensei said:

    ...you don't understand anything.. for true VR you have to lose the all remember of your true life.. to fully dive in your new virtual life, and treat it as true life...


    Bollocks. You just have to be convinced it's real.

    I can already achieve your version of AI when I go to sleep.

  9. Can you imagine how much energy using full dive VR would need. To be continually in VR 24/7 would cost a fortune. The average person just wouldn't be able to afford it. And if you could afford it, you'd probably be wealthy and wouldn't need it. Why pretend to drive a Ferrari when you can drive your own.

    Maybe if there was a way for people to be productive inside VR, someway to pay for the electricity, then maybe. 

    It would be very appealing to the majority of people I reckon. I'd definitely be up for it, but the reason for wanting to do it is the same reason I couldn't do it- lack of money.

    Would be interesting to see some of the different worlds people would choose to live in (if there was a choice). I'd personally prefer to travel back to different periods in history, rather than live in the future. Would be fascinating.

    Living in a film or T.V would be good as well- The Matrix, King Kong, Heat, Harry Potter, The Dirty Dozen, Knight Rider, Basic Instinct... :)


  10. On 9/18/2019 at 7:00 PM, dimreepr said:

    Then let me ask you this... Can someone without food justify stealing a pie? 

    Depends on why they don't have food.

    Im in the high risk category for future homelessness, and if I were to become homeless, I've already decided I would rather steal food than go hungry. But that couldn't be seen as me getting justice. I'm homeless for the choices I've made, nobody else. 

    But here's the thing, most people I know would agree with both of those statements, they would steal for food, as well as it would be their own fault. Most people I know, would also be unlikely to press charges against homeless people for stealing food from them, even if they were homeless through there own doing.

    This, to me, is the difference between justice and revenge. Revenge is just an eye for an eye (I'm thinking of Saudi), just a "f^^k you, see how you like it".

    Justice takes into account the mitigating circumstances and allows for compassion, forgiveness, understanding.

  11. I believe in the U.K. a big turning point was the Battle of the Somme,. For a war which was supposed to be over by Christmas, I would imagine learning that we had suffered 456 000 casualties and losses by November would of been quite sobering. The absolute horrors of trench warfare would obviously have played a part too. Especially on the soldiers. 

  12. Really interesting article on Huntington's disease on wiki

    Milton Wexler  


    In 1972 Wexler became aware of a village on the edge of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela with an extremely high incidence of Huntington's disease. He became aware of this village when a Venezuelan physician and biochemist at the university of Zulia, Americo Negrette, showed a film at a medical conference about this community, where the condition was known as 'El mal'. Negrette had become aware of this condition in the area in 1955. In 1979, Wexler's daughter Nancy set up a research project there to study its transmission and to collect DNA from those with the disease and from those who had escaped it. Her work there earned the nickname 'La Catira' (the blonde) among the villages. This project is still ongoing.

    The origin of the disease was eventually traced back to a single women, Maria Concepcion, who had lived in this area about 200 years before and whose roughly 18000 descendants were primarily located in two villages in Venezuela, Barranquitas and Lagunetas. Maria Concepcion's father seems likely to have been an unknown European sailor who also had Huntington's disease. The materials she collected were sent to a geneticist, James F Gusella, at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

    Fascinating stuff.


  13. A flying boat car is one thing, but the ability to go under water as well? It would add so much weight it would be a terrible car and an even worse plane/helicopter. Not to mention you'd need to run your car on a battery in most places soon, adding even more weight, you could make a hybrid I suppose, but would it be powerful enough to lift a car, a helicopter and a boat/submarine all at once?

    Rather buy a Porsche, a boat, and a quadcopter separately personally.

    As for using the wheels as the as propulsion/lift, maybe something like this-                              

    YEE flying car-  although they admit its currently impossible, unfortunately:-(https://cooolengineering.blogspot.com/2013/02/yee-flying-car-concept.html


    or something like this maybe..


    Came across this aswell, a submersible plane :)IMG_1819.JPG.7adefe1e4dc2ade0038bf1fec0a4aab8.JPG

    Doing two seems to be achievable, even useful, especially for military, but all three/four together seems too impractical, pointless even.

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