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  1. America is great again - thanks to a South African's company.

  2. America is great again - thanks to a South African's company.

  3. Bye bye job 😡. F**k you corona. Could be worse, but still...

  4.  I don't have Covid 19! test came back negative! Looks like just plain old viral pneumonia! That 104 fever was a bitch! Feeling better now! All I need now is a flight back to NC, CA is nice but home is nicer!


    1. Curious layman

      Curious layman

      Nice, good for you. Let's hope everybody stays safe. 

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  5. Bad news, my step mom suffered a home invasion, not only did they beat her up they burned down her house. Onlookers were able to drag her out of the house. To make matters worse my dad died, I'm having problems getting information at this time since my step mom and my dad were my only source of info... 

    1. Curious layman

      Curious layman

      That's awful, my thoughts go to you and your family. 🙏🏻

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  6. I am a grandpa! Eleanor Louise 8lbs 8oz! Mother and child are doing well!   

  7. How do you guys get the computer to allow you to type out math equations? 

    1. Curious layman

      Curious layman

      Sandbox no. 6 Test by  carrock.

      Halfway down are links. Not sure if its what your looking for though.

  8. I started riding motorcycles in 1970, dirt bikes, a yamaha 125 enduro lasted almost two years of hill climbing, and tearing through the woods and hills of WV but i tired of that and i wanted a street bike. A RD 350 yamaha bought by working for a year at a local grocery story provided the funds and and i enjoyed "cafe" type racing throughout all the little twisting roads  that snaked through the mountains and I thought I had the world by the tail until one day i saw this on the cover of a motorcycle magazine. I still have that magazine encased in plastic for all time :lol:


    I worked as many hours as possible hoping to one day own that beautiful motorcycle but finally I got tired of waiting and bought a Kawasaki 900. I thought I'd never forgive yamaha for not producing that motorcycle but I forgave them when the yamaha 1100 midnight special became mine. 

    But I still dream about what it would have been like to have thrashed the curves on a motorcycle, that at the time, was close to 5 years head of everyone else in nearly every way. Just before yamaha decided not to produce a street legal version of the bike, opting instead for the TZ 750 road racer it was rumoured the production bike was going to be a 1000cc two stroke 4 along with reed valves, fuel injection, hydraulic disc brakes and liquid cooling, all this in 1971!...   Sadly my dream never came true but I still have my baby in my dreams.


    1. Curious layman

      Curious layman

      Nice bike, careful you don't fall off and land on your helmet.

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