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  1. "In modern Western philosophy, sentience is the ability to experience sensations'
  2. If you inject the vaccine in the blood stream, the antibodies would reach the lymphatic system "too fast", increasing the risk of adverse effect (anaphylactic shock) and decrease the effectivity of the vaccine, since it will be a very short impact which is not enought for the lymphatic system to learn to respond.
  3. Of course it can. Note the level of impact needed for complex respond. A single ant can go around a leaf felt on the track and even sign out the new route. Note it's ability to respond together with ever other ant from the hill on a bigger danger. If you just observe an ant without its natural habitat you will not be able to be aware of this functions even the ant "contains" it. An ant is a simple intelligence with lower level of sentience than humans, but that does not exclude the existence of that lower! level of intelligence, awareness and sentience. Handle everything on it's best (estimated) place.
  4. Because everything exists and happens in the present moment, so the Future is the past reality based present possibility.
  5. How can an anthill solve any problem if not by being aware of the problem at first hand? Note that a species genetically can adapt to solve a problem! Why do you suppose that an ant(colony) cannot be aware of a problem? It can recognize if it needs to eat and know as well how to get that. It can adapt and actively solve the problem of nutrition. It is aware that an enemy is closed on the Ant Queen. It will react to it! It is on a level sentient and enough intelligent to respond. Maybe that's why I use Sentience and Intelligence as an interconnected recognition.
  6. I think this is Universally true, because of Time.
  7. I see why you are not agreeing with me, I think it is because you limit the ability of digital recognition to 0 and 1 (yes and no), while there are much more options to qualify something digitally or statistically. Let's suppose we have an advanced AI with an opened internet where every possible physical recognition can be maintained as data of the person recognized it, while the AI is aware of the exact physical structure and information of that physical entity in reality, in this case, an apple pie. We can make 1000 different type of apple pies by changing the amount of the ingredients used or changing the baking technics. We taste the cakes with 10 000 people. The results of their recognition extracted by the answers on questions like: How sweet the apple pie you think were on a 1-10 scale, and How much you liked the apple pie on a 1-10 scale). Our AI is aware of this information as statistical data, while aware of every apple pies making and baking information as well. From now on towards infinity, It can give the best-known apple pie receipt, if ever asked. It even can adjust the future information to this basic information (new apple kind is on the market which is even better like so and so...) The AI sentience already exists yet controlled by HUmans. We do not have the right digital platform, which could maintain the information Advanced Sentience would require. That incapability of our in the present time does not exclude that AI can be partially sentient! (video, picture, voice recognition, etc...)
  8. That is what I can not really grasp. The recognition you shared is meaning, that mass can impact the fabric of space-time, which we can recognize as gravity. If space can be impacted by mass than time is impacted by mass. Time gives the age of the Universe, so that fundamental information could be impacted, through gravity by mass. I think that is impossible. Gravity I speculate what happens to Energies and Matters Space (path) and Time (velocity) in the presence of mass.
  9. Space-time is a 4D coordinate system which expands with c2 and every point in it represents the value of 0. A bit of Information. A basic reference point (line, volume).
  10. As I said, I already introduced it. It is a pretty simple concept. I could express it geometrically if that would make it.
  11. I agree with the previous points. I have problem with gravity, because I hardly can believe that mass (gravity) can impact (warp) the fabric (the fundamental informational structure and function) of Space and Time. I do not doubt that mass impact other physical objects and their path! and velocity! in space. How could mass impact the age of the Universe if the 3rd point is absolutely true? As Minkowski very well expressed, this Two is One entity, and can not exist without one another. So if space impacted, then time is impacted. The question is: Can we differentiate between the relative time of energy and matter impacted by mass and always observed as a part of a bigger system, and the real age of the fundamental realm containing Everyting? I do not think that the age of the Universe could be impacted by mass or gravity. Even for a singular point with very big mass, Time is ticking.
  12. The forward pointing function of time to evolve within space, while everything deverges on the large scale observed by Hubble. I try to work with logic.
  13. I already expressed how I handle it. It is working in the everyday life at least, the cognitive test is in progress.
  14. Shortly expressed: I would handle spacetime as information about 0 (4D). Evolving with a rate determined by the Laws of Nature. Started at t0 with the physical state of nothing. I think space still represent this original information. Please share those! It is part of reality I speculate.
  15. I have one but that is too speculative. On the other hand, we will never be able to observe t0 physically so we can just assume, speculate it's how about.
  16. How else can we express space if not as a mathematical model? It always should be consistent. The Universe is pretty rigid on the atomic, etc...level.
  17. Vacuum is the closest to empty spacetime. Here we are not able to perceive or detect anything else physical, than the spatial coordinates in the moment of observation. If we observe a photon in this vacuum, beyond the previously recognised coordinates, we can recognize the energy of the photon. That is physically more properties than the 4D coordinates. Space is physically measurable distance i.e information, but not a thing you can give a bucket of. As I learned space itself does not have mass or energy (thats why we can recognize anything in it), so I dare to assume that it is not more than the presentation of basic information: Time.
  18. Hello Studiot, could you elaborate where you sence incoherence in my response to the op. Could you express what else can space(time) be, than information? Can we say that volume is a physical entity? Can we say that volume is more than information?
  19. What is indicating the part of Free Will and Awareness in the decision making process resulting in sentience.
  20. Right now! I can believe it (on different levels) or Not.
  21. Hello Mordred, interesting question. To the op: space is information. Fundamentally 4D 3 spatial and 1 time. I perceive It as a constantly developing and evolving physical entity i.e. moment by moment it is bigger and older. I think that is an objective information (for us yet not perceivable). How space created? From the lawest possible physical state evolved the smallest possible physical information= space(time). I would quess. Information about the rates and limits of space(time) evolution. I dare to use evolution because time seems to be an ever forward pointing function.
  22. Yet. The pontential is there The Internet of Things can give sentience and the right programming ( social norms based information structure and evaluation) the right reactions.
  23. Nothing can be absolutely independent (free) from reality. Every decision will be impacted by knowledge and experience but it helps to avoid bad decisions (awareness). We can consciously make bad decisions as well and be aware of the consequences. I think the impossibility of Absolute Freedom does not exclude the possibility of a free decision. Note that even knowledge helps us to exclude many options in a scenario, we are still left with an almost infinite option to execute. Think about the tone and content you can choose when you communicate with your kids, even you excluded the physical restrictions. For me freedom is the possibility to be aware of reality (including me) and be able to impact every decision and action I take in peace. I do not think that I can have more Freedom. I do not really need more freedom. The level of (pre)determination must be over 99%, but do not forget that's the past and not the present moment when a decision is made.
  24. I think this might be Absolutely true. Keith undeniably (pre)determined i.e his physical properties evolved to the current observed state and he acts accordingly. Still his decision is free, he can follow any path in reality and he can be aware of the possible future!
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