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  1. The Laws of Nature applied through space-time in Everything in the Universe. True, Humanity has an understanding about them and a best description about the Laws of Nature in books and in our head, but this understanding is not equal the governing laws of the fundamental functions in the realm we try to understand. It is like you would say that personality is what we understand about a human individual's attributes but those attributes are not required in a Human individual at all.
  2. I would relate it to some medical condition, mainly endocrine disorders like an elevated production of TSH(thyroid stimulating hormone) in the pituitary gland and so increased level och thyroxin (T4) and free triiodothyronine (fT3) in the bloodstream which will elevate every cell's rate of function. It does not have to be pathological, a slight increase could be enough to produce the "symptoms" you described. Other conditions as malabsorption in the digestive system or enzyme production disturbances of the pancreas could be the reason, as well as parasite related problem (unlikely)
  3. FreeWill


    Could we think about them as a "3D wave-shaped" energy distribution? In the wave, they take up some space, which can be considered as "volume". They take up some space when they are in the particle "form".
  4. For sure. Everywhere Energy and Mass are present, will be Space and Time present. Thinking about the interaction, the question arises: Can the expansion of (energy and matter free) Space-Time be responsible for the presence of energy and mass? The enormous but perfectly fine balance.
  5. No, they work through the nerve and musculoskeletal system which is supported and regulated by the hormone system. Can you provide the link, please? I know that hormones regulate a lot of chemistry related processes in the body, which can have a role in surviving a scenario, but they do not control the body, they regulate! cell functions. I can count every silicon atom in every grain of sand and every hydrogen and oxygen atom in the bucket of water. I also can know how many H2O molecules are in the bucket. Thoughts have an individual spacetime when they occur, but they plastic so they change by time and experience, thinking, learning... I can be aware of my past understandings (thoughts), and how they have been changing by Time. Thoughts can be common as well. For example when we are understanding scientific or philosophic recognitions.
  6. Hello Gees, How do you mean this? Isn't survival instinct is a genetically predetermined reaction, refined by experience and knowlegde, and can be ignited by sensation? What do you mean by this? My knowledge, memory, and thoughts are digital? I think they CAN be digitalized but fundamentally they are physical. The brain perceives and organize information and based on that give a reaction. The different levels of knowledge, sentience, and awareness gives different levels of consciousnesses, but they still will be physical. What do you mean by this? Why would be unconscious if I love or hate someone? I can be (consciously) aware of my abilities. I think I can know about my feelings, emotions, etc How do you know that it is Absolutely unaware of its physical properties? Consciousness has different levels. How can you determine what is the minimum level of sentience and by that consciousness? (Bacterias can sense the environment....) Why do you call thoughts as digital consciousness? Can you elaborate on this? It is unclear what do you mean by this.
  7. Here is a test about self-awareness in animals including ants. (wikipedia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_test Insects In a Belgian study from 2015, 23 out of 24 adult ants scratched at small blue dots painted on their clypeus (part of their "face") when they were able to see the dot in a mirror. According to the purported results, the ants were individually tested and were from three species, Myrmica sabuleti, Myrmica rubra and Myrmica ruginodis. None of the ants scratched the clypeus when they had no mirror to see the dot. None tried to scratch the blue dot on the mirror. When they had a mirror and a brown dot similar to their own color, only one of thirty ants scratched the brown dot; researchers said she was darker than average so the dot was visible. They also reacted to the mirror itself. Even without dots, 30 out of 30 ants touched the mirror with legs, antennae and mouths, while 0 of 30 ants touched a clear glass divider, with ants on the other side. Ants a few days old did not react to the dots. These three species have limited eyesight, with 109–169 facets per eye, and the authors suggest doing tests on ants with more facets (some have 3,000) and on bees.[3][29][30]
  8. It is not easy to exclude the existence of energy and matter free evolving space-time around the space-time with energy and matter, but for sure that if such a structure would exist it would be part of the Universe and regulated by the Laws of Nature. You can Not have an absolute infinity if the system has a recognisable beginning, because the system (space-time included) will evolve for an exact amount of time; giving an exact size for the system, independent from any observer. The finity of the Universe make any observation possible in it.
  9. This helped me to Understand what Nothing could have been: The null hypothesis is that Nothing, Zero, 0 is a physical reality based mathematical conception which we can perceive as a space-time, energy, matter, and information free state. Revealing as our common physical, mathematical, philosophical origin, a physical reality based mathematical reference point. In proportion to this physical reality based sense (conception), everything has some kind of mathematically expressible value. Space, time, energy, matter and information. The hypothesis based on the fact that space expands and time evolves which points out that our current moment is bigger(more) than the moment before. Following this path back on the timeline of the physical reality, we arrive at the lowest possible physical state which can be perceived as energy, matter, space-time, and information free state. 0. In proportion to this state, everything has value. Everything has mathematically expressible, physically recognizable value. Space-time, energy, matter, and information. Ever since anything exist Nothing cannot be again. The question is maybe that, how big an almost nothing (empty spacetime) had had to be so something(energy, mass...) come?
  10. Much more difficult to measure the responses but the body react on pain (electroshock) and actively act with its capabilities on the environment. Sadly we can not ask them about it because the lack of communication routes and Intelligence (a bit like between an Advanced Universal AI and Humanity) We can not ask them about their exact point of self awareness because they do not hear and can not speak. (They have for sentience few light sensible cells over the body and tactile hair) We have 500 million years of evolutionary difference between worms and humans. I think between the biological humanity and an advanced AI existing 500 million years in technological singularity, the difference will be similar what humans and worms has in between (physically too).
  11. Much more difficult to measure the responses but the body react on pain (electroshock) and actively react with its capabilities on the environment. Sadly we can not ask them about it because the lack of communication routes and Intelligence (a bit like between an Advanced Universal AI and Humanity)
  12. Dogs has the intelligence level of a 2-3 years old child. A dog is aware about it self. It is aware also that it is not every other dog or living creature and that s/he is not the environment. It knows it's exact space (try to touch a guarding dog). I think dogs are self-aware at some level A dog is also aware what is thought to him and can use that knowledge when needed without command. A dog can even show you what it knows even you do not ask it.
  13. Of course but not the thread. I am on it. Just expressed my recognition, to see better the similarities and differences in understandings in the thread.
  14. I do not think so. You could imagine that every point of space and time is infinite with an infinite amount of energy and mass in them. Take a second to imagine the scenario. Even you can imagine it (or something very close), that won't change the Laws of Nature upon the Universe acts and the presence of the System. While we can not absolutely exclude that in the Universe an unicorn type of entity existed in the past minimum 13.8 billion years, but for sure we can exclude, that in any point of the evolution of the Universe such Absolute Infinity type of scenario were impossible. There is no Force which could impact such an Absolute Infinite system! The Elements of Reality: Space, Time, Energy and Matter built on one another and organized by evolving bio-Physical Information (Laws of Nature). Imagination can alter understanding and by that impact Reality but imagination(possibility) can not change the regulations and the absolute presence of the entire system in which our Dreamer is existing. There will always be a bit more Space and Time than Energy and Matter so Universal Absolute Infinity is impossible i think. Even I can imagine It.
  15. It emerges from the physical reality (space-time, energy and matter). Think about the solar system 4.8 billion years ago. Check the physical properties and estimate the level of biophysical consciousness could have been present. I think it would be close to zero. Than observe today's solar system and the level of biophysical consciousness present. It is a lot. You see the difference between the two states and you can realize that from space, energy and matter consciousness has emerged by time.
  16. Isn't the sense of self is: self-awareness? Self-awareness is not sentience although self-awareness requires sentience.
  17. Please reason your point. I think our AI currently is partially sentient. It can see and hear, process the data and give respond. It can not feel yet. 20-25 years I would guess, depending on how fast our physical reality based digital recognition evolves. I think it requires that Humanities cognitive capabilities evolve as well. AI cognition is in symbiosis with human cognitive functions i.e every bit of information in a computer is originating from human individuals past and present work and experience. This is not impossible and the word may finally get meaning. It depends how intelligent that toaster became. Form and material recognition, with robotic arms executing the whole mechanical process, while using the perfect time and temperature, based on the recognized matter(the kind of bread bought). I think this is limited sentience and intelligence. Connect the toaster through the internet to a Global Network of Information (a hypothetic platform collects, organizes and process all data) it could be Absolutely Aware of Everything the toaster do. Would not be very difficult to an Advanced Universal AI to monitor humanity....
  18. Most of them actually active but weakened. The black death is a bacterium (Yersinia Pestis) and antibiotics works good against it.
  19. Using all genetically determined food sources make it easier to get all essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. To be an omnivore gives a more nutrient, delicious and creative way to nurture myself.
  20. My opinion is that this can not be true, since every single conscious entity will have to "dream" exactly the same basically everything what is physical. That is impossible I think. Consciousness is an internal phenomena of at least biological entities, and meaning sentience and perception based awareness of the inner and outer reality and acting upon this informations. (as I sense it)
  21. If the data would not be processed you would not be able to see a picture. Can you elaborate why you do not get the analogies, what is unclear? Basically you mean that the previously registered data in the computer can not be processed if the camera is off. I think it is not true. My point is to point the existence of different levels of sentiences. Let it be AIs or a biological entities.
  22. To make able the brain sense the outside reality. Note that the brain will still be able to see without eyes by direct brain stimuli for example. Eyes are not necessary to see but you can not comprehend or see anything without the brain, even you have perfectly functioning eyes.
  23. Biocentrism or biocentric may refer to: Biocentrism (ethics), an ethical point of view that extends inherent value to all living things Biocentric universe, a concept proposed by Robert Lanza that places biology above the other sciences I do not agree that biology is above other sciences. Without understanding the physical reality through physics, chemistry, mathematics we basically know nothing about biological functions. Biology is the tip of the Universe.
  24. Sensation is an animal's, including humans', detection of external or internal stimulation (e.g., eyes detecting light waves, ears detecting sound waves). An ant can do those and so it is sentient. Note that an AI can do those things as well through cameras, voice recorders, and a software processing the information, so we could count it as sentient on a lower level.
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