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  1. We can call this world, the world of change!

    Everything in this world is included the change rule. The only thing that never is changed is the system (rules) of the world. 

  2. Your question shows that you exist, though  we can't see you.


    Basically, the object that shows itself by a sign, it proves that it exists. Non-existences haven't any sign and track. For example, black holes in the space are not visible at all but scientists can recognize their existence by their side effects. So the existence of every thing whether visible (like you) or invisible (like air) is recognized by the effects that are issued from it.  



    I don't reflect your words to you today because I always avoid arguing with such the persons, but tomorrow, the reality will judge between us and will taught you, who thinks and behaves out of logic.

    Or maybe you plan is that to drive out persons with different believes from the topics by fanatical behaviors; I say to you, such the manner is not good at all.

    You don't know me and my knowledge and just think about yourself, you are a worthy person in philosophy, but I ensure you today, you are in a great mistake. You will lose yourself in the future, because it is a certain and unchangeable law of the system of the universe that wrong people never remain in the logical field, and  fanatical believes will be eliminated. 

    Before you, there were many similar persons with the similar opinion and behaviors that were faded in the history and forgotten. They were very higher than you and had a higher rank in the wrong philosophies.

    Marx and Lenin are two samples in the history that took many people to the misery and unluckiness for decades and eventually their wrong doctrine was demolished in the eyes of the world people with humiliation. You are not comparable with those high philosophers that went wrong and finally were forgotten in the history and now their incorrect believes is found just in the museums! 

    You are lower than those famous philosophers that originated a wrong Ism in the world but afterwards it was revealed they were in a wrong way.

    I don't enlighten you anymore because I know it is like planting seed on the rock, but I just recommend you to respect people and behave politely to them because if you discuss in a bad manner it will go back to your character.   





    1 hour ago, swansont said:

    Moderator Note

    I did not say that religion couldn’t be mentioned. I asked that it not be debated.


    Moderator Note

    There is a reason I did not quote you in my post. It was not directed exclusively at you. There are a number of off-topic posts, by multiple people.

    If you think that rules have been violated, you should report the post. However, disagreement, and vocabulary related to it, does not violate our rules on civilty.

    Moderator notes are generally not an invitation to an off-topic discussion of the notes.


    I didn't want to start a religious debate here. When somebody asks, what your feeling about death is, what I have to express? I must express my feeling based on my belief or something else? I only expressed my feeling without purposing establish a religious debate but Strange started an opposite ideology argue. 

  4. 5 hours ago, swansont said:

    Moderator Note

    This is posted in philosophy and asks how you feel about being dead forever. It’s not posted in religion, so keep deities  out of it, along with debate about religion, and it’s not posted in a science section, so we’re not going to argue evolution, or any other theory.

    Please stay on-topic.


    First of all, the subject of death is not apart from religion and it can not be discussed without this background (from viewpoint of theists).

    Second, I just expressed my feeling based on my belief and did say, I'm worried about after death; but some of the users took it to a religious discussion and tried to impose their materialism opinions on my concept.

    Thirdly, if I even sent my post mistakenly, they should not used humiliating words. Not only such the behaviors is not worthy in a cultural and scientific place, but also is disguising in other communities. 

  5. I came to this forum supposing it discusses about philosophies and science, and now I see here philosophers! use offensive words like ignorant, ridiculous, stupid saying and so on. Also somebodies try to respond joking and mocking. Sorry for this childish manner of discussion. 

    If these commenters even don't follow a righteously belief, they must follow a literature culture, at least.   

  6. On 3/15/2019 at 1:38 AM, Strange said:

    Then your god should not punish people for making a choice.

    It seems that your god wants to take credit for anything good but blames people for everything bad. This makes your god an arrogant hypocrite.

     Yes, man is free to choose every belief and every doing but he is responsible against his wisdom. He should chooses the right based on his intellect and logic. Also God sent prophets  to enlighten people about realities of God and the realities that they didn't know. So after wisdom and coming the prophets (as the spiritual teachers of people) there is not any excuse for anyone. 


    There are plenty of religions with multiple gods. They have not destroyed the universe. So you are clearly mistaken.

    The doctrine of a religion should be according to reality and logic of man. As I explained before being multiple gods in the universe is not possible and is not adaptable with logic.  Some of the religions are man-made and are built on some baseless suppositions.


    No one designed it. 

    It is a simple denying and is not according to this experience and logic of man that every artifact has a designer and manufacturer.


    The fact that you don't know anything about evolution is not evidence for gods, it is just evidence of your ignorance.

    So you are saying that there used to be multiple gods, but your god killed all the others?

    But, of course, you are wrong because in regions with multiple gods, it is not true that every god claimed to be the "higher creator". You are just making stuff up to support your beliefs.

    some lifeless molecules never are change into a germ cell by themselves or by the meaningless idea, evolution! the sperm by all its complex scientific structure and mysteries says to us that it is created by a high intelligent existence.

    Is a robot made by evolution?! Or it has an intelligent and knowledgeable designer and manufacturer?

  7. 14 minutes ago, zapatos said:

    And which God is that?

    How do you know they would battle as opposed to, say, starting a coffee klatch?

    Where did you get this specific bit of information about them battling if there are more than one?

    It is a logical thing. Every supposed god claimed he was a higher creator and was the owner of the world. Also every god created something that was opposite to the creature that another god had created. This caused a conflict between them and inevitably a war happened and every god tried to destroy the creatures of another god.

  8. 25 minutes ago, zapatos said:

    Don't keep us in suspense. What is the evidence?

    Instead we go into the nested philosophy let me to bring a very simple evidence:

    A dry seed is a dead seed. but when it is situated in the humid soil it goes back to life.

    What is the sperm of man? How it came into existence? Who designed it and gave it life? Isn't who created the sperm for first time able to revive a human again?

  9. 8 hours ago, Bufofrog said:

    But which God?  Good actions for one God are not necessarily good actions for another God.  Since there is no way to which God is real or if they are all real or none are real, it seems like a waste of time, so I don't worry about it.

    If there was multiple gods in the world, this universe was destroyed completely because of opposition, conflict and war between them. So the designer, creator and owner of the world and human is only one God.

    6 hours ago, Strange said:

    How do you know that? What if they were lying to you.

    Sounds like the worst kind of dictatorship, where people are too afraid to express their views. 

    Your god gave you free will. It would be hypocritical of it to punish you for then making your own choices. It would be like The President saying, "Of course you can vote for the opposition party in the elections. But I will kill you and all your family if you do."

    It sounds like your god should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    Which is why I would like to live forever: always more answers and therefore more questions!

    It is not dictatorship. God gave this freedom to man to choose his way, but he is responsible against his choices and actions due to his wisdom. We see the similar thing in man's social laws. A good citizen who behaves good is not equal to a criminal who is jailed because of his wrongs. 

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