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  1. Months of being cautious, refraining from social happenings and travel, washing my hands 50 times a day and wearing a mask to the toilet and there we go - we both got Covid me and my partner. We are 4-5 days into it, the test results came in today. She's got a moderate fever (38,5C) and lost her taste and smell, I only lost my strength and I'm sleeping 2 hours during the day 3rd day in a row. We are both caughing a little, our 4.5 year old kid seems completely fine. Christmas is going to be really awesome this year, what a f joke 2020 is. I'm pissed as hell, the vaccine is just a couple weeks away and we didn't make it. 


    1. Dagl1


      Get well soon, both you and your partner. Christmas may not be as fun, but just make the best of it! Hopefully you feel better soon

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  2. Wishing everyone a happy, and safe, Easter.

  3. my posts are exceeded today.

    okay... your chair is affixed to the floor... there is contact and friction.

    put your chair in suspension in no atmosphere and watch this happen.

    the object will leave your hands and you will go nowhere.

    you describe an open system

    1. Dagl1


      You think things in vacuum float?

      Sorry if I misunderstood you, otherwise please refer to: 



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  4. If you want to have help with understanding biology papers, understanding the cellular machinery or how to spot (be critical of) bad papers, send me a message!

    1. Dagl1


      Pardon me?
      I presumed someone would have a particular question, then they would ask that question and I would try to answer it;p
      I feel like I don't understand your question hahaah

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