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  1. Also as I’ve said on my own page. Unless we can have a reasonable conversation without throwing insults or childish remarks such as me being high. Do not bother commenting. As I’ve explained there is no need to go off and say stuff like that due to my age and lack of degree. Sure so what if grammar is not my greatest. But it’s not cool to pull stereotypes. End of story. Ok?

  2. high? Are you for real? I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. Just because of my age you make such assumptions. I’m perfectly clear minded. I may not have the best grammar but that doesn’t mean I’m high.

  3. Fair point I’ll admit. But if these are factors and he defects why don’t the others? I mean regardless of the fear factor. Doesn’t it seem odd based on the event? Here I’ll post a video of his escape. But you have to know, a Korean can be a better marksman. Think back at every war. In general not just the Korean. We as Americans would know very little other than the spoon fed things we here on the media or based on observation and disregarding the media on what it says verse what we see.

  4. On the theory of relativity one were you referring to me or the other on the comment that it has nothing to do with the light speed?

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      Stop replying as status updates. If you are not able to post your responses in the appropriate thread then stop posting.

  5. Sorry first time using this thing. How does one respond back to the repost? I’m not the greatest with technology.... and to answer your question no I’m not using a translator

    1. Strange


      Go to your thread: https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/117559-theory-of-relativity/ and click "Quote" under the post you want to reply to.


  6. Just because I am young, please do not discriminate nor discredit me based on my lack of a degree and position in life. I am quite capable with what I say in the area of understanding. If you wish to speak or debate do so logically and don’t be a child on how you act in a debate please. I don’t like trolls and if you troll me I can’t promise you I won’t shut you down with psychological and social measures without meaningless pathetic insults

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