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  1. It wont work at some places. At my school the sites are blocked before they even get to the computer. It does not matter what os or browser you try.
  2. I love QTPARTED. It's the best and it's free. Give it a try.
  3. sorry but you misunderstood me, My school uses Novell Client 4.90 for Windows 2000/XP English, look it up on google. I wish they used suse, that would be so cool.
  4. the stupidest thing that i had done was accidentaly erased the wrong partition on my hard drive. I was trying to reinstall linux and mixed the win partition with the linux partition. I was luckey that i had everything backed up on a cd. It would have been stupider if i had some important files and had not backed up my files.
  5. i started all over again and i am stuck at http://www.dievo.org:82/hook/mind6.php This game is confusing. What am i suppose to do?
  6. i am in high school and i really love Physics.
  7. here is the code (type in command prompt): ping dievo.org
  8. i dont know what is going on but i got through level 1 and 2 but on 3 it says that its tricky but i dont know what its talking about. What am i to do?
  9. Call me TheGeek or something else geeky. I an not really a scientist or anything very smart but science interests me and that's why i joined this forum. Sorry if i ask stupid questions but if i dont get something i will ask.
  10. My school uses Novell and It blocks most of the sites but some proxies still work.
  11. From what i have seen if you can afford a computer in some of those countries then it is mostly recomanded that you buy an airconditioning system or something similar to keep the room cool. The other thing that they do with their computers is get a good cooling system sometimes cooling systems like watercooling or bunch of fans does the job.
  12. I strongly believe that life has to exist somewhere else other then on earth. There is very low chance that we are the only once. I am wondering if the other form of life is also trying to look for us? Do you guys think life exist on Mars?
  13. The DNA lab in the bio class was my favorite.
  14. the best way i can explain this is with a simple example. If you place a pop can in the freezer it expands and if it stays long enough in the freezer it will explode. Frozen pop takes up more room then liquid pop just like ice takes up more room then water. Because it takes up more room it has a lower density.
  15. f(x) = 3x^2 + x^2 -12x -4 f(x) = 4x^2 - 12x - 4 f(x) = 4(x^2 - 3x 1) using the quadratic formula you could figure out that f(x) is either 3.309 or -.309
  16. since our goal was to built a successful model rocket i read Flight dynamics principles by Cook, M. V.,Aerodynamics for engineers by Bertin, John J., and Handbook of model rocketry by Stine, G. Harry.
  17. In my opinion most of the scientists are great. I am not saying that one is "The Greatest" but in my opinion Einstein was one of the most important figures in sciece. His work inspired many other scientists and help us get where we are today. It has always worked that way, a scientist comes up with an idea and other scientists combine their ideas with it to make something great out of it.
  18. Thanks for the links. I dont think i am good enought to be able to make it my self but it would be pretty cool.
  19. Like jonny4 said NASA.gov has a bunch of stuff that you can use. I am a sophmore and was in the team america rocketry challenge last year and i often went to the NASA site and read a couple books.
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