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  1. Yeah, i figured i was doing something very wrong, and in the end i really just confused myself and had no idea where to even look for what was wrong.

    Yeah, i've had those times. I just start over. It's time consuming but worth it.:)

  2. I am not sure. I do want my children to be perfect but i dont want them to be same as others.

    here is how i would decide:

    If other parents were doing it then i would do it too because i dont want my kids to be average and other kids being perfect at everything because then my kids would not be able to join any sports or anything since all the "good" kids would be on the team.

  3. I went with unsure becuase the answer would depend on what kind of life i am living. If i am heppy and all that stuff then i would live forever otherwise if i feel like i an not happy and i am in pain then no, i would not live forever.

  4. god, as always, e=mc2 gets the votes simply because people recognize it better


    I do agree with that to some extent. One of the reasons that people recognize it better is because it is a very important equation. :)

  5. Below is a piece of code that i wrote.This code will add a birthday and the persons name to the file.

    ask if you have any questions.



    Private Sub cmdaddline_Click()
    Dim intfile As Integer
    intfile = FreeFile
    Open "C:/computer prog/semester 2/birthday.txt" For Append As #intfile
    Dim user As String
    Dim birthday As String
    user = InputBox("Enter the name of the person.")
    birthday = InputBox("Enter the birthday of the person.")
    Write #intfile, user, birthday
    Close #intfile
    End Sub


    if you have vb .net then check out this link:


  6. Hello,

    I use visual basic 6 at my school and i like it alot. The thing is i want to get something like visual basic but cant afford to buy it. Does anyone know any other kind of baisc compilers with a gui that are free and close to vb 6. I looked at real basic but it also costs 100 bucks.


    thank you in advance

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