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  1. hi,

    i program java and use bluej to program. The problem is not all the computers in my school hava bluej and we are not allowed to install programs on the school computers.


    Does anyone know a protable java compiler?(by portable i mean the kind that can be installed on a usb stick and you can just run them off the usb stick)



  2. hi,

    i wanted to discuss something that i found very interesting. I am hearing that in the future windows you will be able to use your flash drives as ram. I dont understand how is this posible. Wouldn't it take alot longer and be alot slower?

  3. hello,


    i would like to be an aerospace engineer but am wondering how the life is to be one.


    Is anyone here an aerospace engineer or work in that field?

    If yes then please tell me where you work(company), what is your job, do you like your job, do you like the people that work with you, and if you dont mind what is your approximate salary.


    would you recomand someone to be an aerospace engineer? what colleges are good in us?




  4. trust me the program does not copy the file but only copys down several lines of hex from the file. I think these are the files that contain the password. the reason i know is when you upload the only file uploaded is the upload.txt and this file only has a couple lines of hexdecimals for each user. the best thing to do is eachof you try it out and you'll see how it works.

  5. there has to be some way because the program is able to get your password. the question is how does it do that?


    lets say if x is your current password. You want to logon so you put in y. the program converts it to f(y). if f(y)=x then you put in the currect password. If you can figure out how the password what encrypted cant you alway decrpyt it??:confused:

  6. Ahh, that makes complete sense, ty for explaining it.

    you are welcome



    thats why I disabled my cookies :D


    i don't have my cookies diabled because when i want to check email or logon to a site i have to enable them but i use firefox and i just click on accept of refuse the cookies when ff asks me the question.:)

  7. ok, i figured out how it works.Lance is exactly right. If you press it once it gives you a warning. If you press it again it will set two cookies on your system that will remember that you pressed the button. The next time you go to the link the cookies is still in your system and you will be shown a directory list with nothing in it. I say everyone should try it and see how it works. If you want to go back to the site then just clear your cookies. It dosnt have anything to do with recording your ip. It would be a pretty good prank if it did.


    sorry if i ruined your mystory:-( but everyperson that believed in science would alway try to see what the resulst are:-)

  8. i have been trying to figure out what chaning the password does to the reply here are the passwords i tried it for. i dont see a pattern if you see something let me know.


    password set as "a", the reply i got was:




    password set as "A", the reply i got was:




    password set as "b", the reply i got was:




    password set as "Ab", the reply i got was:




    does anyone see a pattern or something???

  9. i don't mind sharing the password i used to test this out.

    the password i used was "PassWord4Now" try to see if you can figure out what it's doing.


    i also tried the password "a" and it returned : Owner:1003:0,75,84,24,8B,8D,2C,9F,9E,AA,D3,B4,35,B5,14,04,EE:



    so it's not simple as switching a with nother letter but something diffrent. what is going on?


    i also think what it's doing is just copying the hex to notepad. look at the numbers they are all hexadecimals.

  10. i booted knoppix and opened up "sam" with a hexeditor i dont know what kind but there is also some encryption on this file. the best way to figure out what is going on is by getting the source code for the freeware. If it's under gpl then the owner might just give you the source.

    have you tried the program for your self?

    try booting from a live linux cd and hex the file sam.

    good luck, i'll see what i can do

  11. If this is purely educational then surely you can wait 24hours until they decrypt it for you?


    I am now interested in how the service works.


    Do you know what file it takes? Or is all you know that you booted off the floppy they supply, send them the file it auto makes and then they magically know the password?


    One would assume they have some kind of decrypter, or maybe if it's a simple encryption (e.g. C5 = lower case b) they could have just set their own passwords to each and every character and just discovered the encryption that way, maybe.


    I am going to email their "General enquiries" email to ask how they do it, will post the reply they send here.


    i already have figured out what the password is. Now i am trying to figure out how it works too. i could have just changed it but i want to know how this is posible.


    As far as i know thi is how it works( the company would obiously not post how it works, but i think i am pretty close to figuring it out)

    when you boot from the disk it boots a diffrent os, then it runs a utility and it records the password in a file called upload.txt. once you upload this file on their website they will tell you the password in 48 hours or you can pay to get it right away.

    what i will do is keep changing the password from a to Z, from capital to small, from 0-10, and all the characters. i will then make a chart of what it gives me as results. this way i will know what each character is converted to. if anyone wants to help me with this then please help.


    if you figure out anything then please keep me updated!



  12. Would this kinda thing help




    i did see this before but i dont want to reset my password i would like to see what it is.


    Just out of interest why do you want this?


    And can't you change passwords using the admin account?


    I am trying to see the admin password. Mainly i am trying to see how the code is encrypted. This is only for learning purposes and i promise i will do no harm with this. It's also kind of interesting how "1007:0:0:::" stands for no password, what does "1003:0,E5,2C,AC,67,41,9A,9A,22,92,AC,E6,7E,F F,9F,3B,65:

    _C5,63,D7,E0,2A,67,AE,94,33,65,8B,BA,C2,D7,EB,37,0 997F:::

    " stand for.


    i always thought that my password was encrypted thus if anyone wants to see my documents they would need to change the password with something like 5614 reffered. when i saw this i dont understand how they are able to access the encrypted password.????

  13. hello guys,

    i am trying to recover my win xp home password. i used this thing that i got from loginrecovery.com. the bad thing is that i have to wait 48 hours and i dont have time. as far as i know the tool already knows the password but it's encrypted. here is what the file reads:









    i have figured out that the family and administrator password is nothing that is why it says ":0:0:::" does anyone know what the owner password is.(is anyone good at decrypting codes) what is the pattern?


    if you cant figure out the pattern then please post a link to a program that i can use to recover the password instently.



    fell free to pm me also

  14. Does gmail provide virus scan?


    It's sad but NO. Gmail does not provide virus scan. Yahoo is supported by norton and hotmail is supported by mcafee.


    One good thing (or a bad thing to some people) is that you cant send exe's as attachments with gmail. This helps a little with protecting from viruses.

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