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  1. here is the problem:

    I'm making a website with bunch of flash tutuorials. Lets use MSWord as an example. I am making flash tutorial on how to use word. I found a program that records your screen and makes a swf file. I want to turn this swf file into a fla file. This way i'll be able to open it with flash and put in notes for the user. I searched for flash decompilers and found many, the problem is that i need one that's free.

    From what i understand this is not against the forum rules since i'm not asking for links to warez but free software.

    please help



  2. hi,

    i'm making a new website. The problem is that i have a flash tutorial on the website. The problem is that the website boots up but the tutorial is so big that it keeps loading. How do i make a load screen so it says that a certain percent of the tutorial has loaded?



  3. You mean so it will ask the question over and over again' date=' right?


    import objectdraw.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    public class New_bot
       public Bot(//String[] args maybe?)
               EasyReader input=new EasyReader();
               String question;
               int joey=1;
               System.out.println("Hi, I am the P.A.I.B.(Plaine Artificial Intellegence Bot!)");           
       public void Entered_Text(String j)
             j=j.toLowerCase(); //all lower case
               String reply;
               if (j.indexOf("hi")!=-1) 
               else if (j.indexOf("hello")!=-1)
                       reply="I don't know. I am still learning. Try some other question.";
               return reply;

    That's the lazy way of solving the problem :D I don't know about programming this online, but if you use a boolean for checking if the page has loaded for the first time for the user or not and have it say "Welcome back." or something of the sort, but this is overkill more likely and done with more ease with PHP.


    As far as making an applet (oh God!) I know how to do it, but it's been a while. If you use that class and then you need to put it in the folder you are go to be using. Then (uh...) you need to make a code somewhat like the following:

    import objectdraw.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    public class New_Bot extends WindowController
    public void begin()
    	Bot joe;
    	joe = new Bot();


    Then you would probably want to include methods of some sort for some reason. You would probably want to double check all of this, since I haven't dealt with this in a great deal of time.


    I hate applets :mad:[/quote']



    i tried this it's not working well, let me ask you one question, why do you have import objectdraw.*;

    import java.awt.*;

    in the first code. Why is this even needed, the first code isn't even supposed to be an applet.

  4. i need help from someone that knows java. i am just starting to learn and have this code:

          [b]public[/b] [b]class[/b] New_bot
       [b]public[/b] [color=#800000]static[/color] [color=#800000]void[/color] [color=#000080]main[/color]([color=#0095FF][b]String[/b][/color][] args)
               EasyReader input=[b]new[/b] [color=#000080]EasyReader[/color]();
               [color=#0095FF][b]String[/b][/color] question;
              [color=#0095FF][b]System[/b][/color].[color=#000080]out[/color].[color=#000080]println[/color]([color=#DD0000]"Hi, I am the P.A.I.B.(Plaine Artificial Intellegence Bot!)"[/color]);
              [color=#0095FF][b]System[/b][/color].[color=#000080]out[/color].[color=#000080]println[/color]([color=#DD0000]"What can I do for you today?"[/color]);
              question = input.[color=#000080]readLine[/color]();
               question=question.[color=#000080]toLowerCase[/color](); [color=#808080][i]//all lower case[/i][/color]
               [b]if[/b] (question.[color=#000080]indexOf[/color]([color=#DD0000]"hi"[/color])!=-[color=#0000FF]1[/color]) 
               [b]else[/b] [b]if[/b] (question.[color=#000080]indexOf[/color]([color=#DD0000]"hello"[/color])!=-[color=#0000FF]1[/color])
                       [color=#0095FF][b]System[/b][/color].[color=#000080]out[/color].[color=#000080]println[/color]([color=#DD0000]"I don't know. I am still learning. Try some other question."[/color]);




    this is the code for a program. How do i make an applet that will do the exact same thing? Also, how do i make it so that it doesn't just stop after one question and keeps looping?



    i would really appreciate it if someone can help me with this:)

  5. hi,

    does anyone know where can i get a source code for a java AI bot? i am making a website and would like to build and host a bot on there. If i want to put something on a website does it need to be an applet or can i just put a java program on there? I need code for a bot so that i can just add the stuff that i want to add and don't need to do everything like "hi" and stuff.



  6. Hello, I need your help. I need an exe file or an app that will keep taking screenshots every number of seconds that i choose(every 2 sec..etc) i need this because i am making a flash tutorial and i'll use these screen shots to make my animation these pics should be stored in a folder which i can find thanks

  7. get the URL of the file (it'll probably be a .swf) tell your browser to not use a plugin to play it but to download .swf's and go to the url should work... :|

    i use firefox, what exactly do i need to do? i don't know exactly what you mean.


    Also if there's an exe with just a flash, can you take that flash out?

  8. u can only look at stats for your site if you pay.:-(


    i'll be lookin into the link you posted, bigMoosie.

    this website is made to see how many people visit it and how many times so that if it all goes well, i can buy a domain. this is why stats are so important.



  9. hi,

    i am looking for a webhost. here are some things i need:

    1) it has to be completely free

    2) no ads or at most banner or text at the top or bottom of the page (no pop-ups)

    3) it needs to have good records of the users visiting it (including the record of time and ip of users visiting)


    if you can please send me a link of such hosts, i really....really appreciate it. :D



  10. @the geek



    i believe that a photon is the only particle that can be at

    two places at once.


    how do u be at two places at once? isn't that breaking laws of physics and the fabric of life?

  11. i feel that people don't know that they have choices. They think that when vista comes out, they have to go with vista 'cause ms came up with it.Any time someone says linux, people think it's too complicated and think that it's all commands and no gui.


    I just started teaching my dad how to use a computer this week. He finds suse linux much more easier then win xp. It's 10 times faster and no worries about viruses and spyware.

  12. hi,

    if you have a psp and want to surf the web in a wifi area what do you do? It asks for a wap key, how do i get this?(ps. trying to use my school's network)



    pm me if you need anything personal or want to give me something that can't be posted here.

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