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  1. Currently I'm using ripway.com to host my site. I love ripway, it works great (compatible with php) and is unblocked from work and school. It's also free and there are no ads.


    The only problem i have with ripway is that they only allow 25MB of daily downloads. That may seem enough but for a proxy that is nothing. I need more.


    Does anyone know of any free host with the following specifications:

    1. it has to be free

    2. it needs to support hp

    3. i don't care how much space i get but i need atleast 50MB of daily downloads


    if you know of such a host please let me know



  2. the problems arn't given as asignments but as something to learn from to prepare for exams. If i can see how the problems were solved than i'll know what to do on the exams.

  3. hi,

    In my physics class we use cutnell and johnson physics (fifth edition). My question is do you guys know a website that shows homework solutions?

    The instructor gave us the answers to homework problems but i have not clue how someof them got that answers. By solutions i don't mean the answers i mean how to do the problems.



  4. i don't know how to check two front and one to the right for the knight. Can someone give an example line of code to do so?


    So far i've extended the fish class and i've made constructors. I don't know how to do the move and next location. :( I don't have school this week so i don't know how to get help.



  5. hi,

    I have a aim buddy who never seems to be on. Is there a way to see when were they last logged on? I have gaim and i can see the past conversations but that's it. I havn't seen him online for a couple months now and am wondering if i'm just not on at the right time or if he's never on.



  6. hi,

    There's another thread but since dievo (the old site) doesn't work anymore i thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread with a new site.


    Go to www.try2hack.nl and see how good you are :D


    let me know what level you are on and keep me updated :)


    if you have a spoiler please change the text color so the only people that see it are the people who want to see it.


    i just started and now i'm on level 2





    have fun

  7. hi,

    i saw http://www.bigstring.com and like the idea. here is how it works:

    you make an account there and send a email. When you type in your message and click send, the email message turns into an image. The person recieves your message as an image. You can control the image and do things such as limiting how many times it can be viewed, recovering it( it switches your image with a image that reads "the message has expired") , you can also set dates to when the image will delete it's self(it just switches your message, which is an image, with another image that's blank, or says the email has been pulled back. The image format is .png


    my question is how do i make an image that can only be viewed a certain times? I don't like bigstring because everytime you send an email it says " Get a Free Self-Destructing, Recallable and Non-Printable Email

    Account from Bigstring.com Click Here"


    and it's really annoying

    thank for your help

  8. hi,

    I heard that it's bad if you exersise and then right after you drink water. Is it bad?


    This happened when i was running on the track. I stopped in the middle to get a drink of water. One of my buddies said that it's bad to do so. He said that you should cool down before you drink water.


    is this true? why shouldn't we drink water right after running?

  9. That was awesome.

    I saw that satellite map thing in there. I've seen google maps but is there a better one out there. One that can zoom in more and provide better graphics? I have seen local.live.com and i like the birdview feature. But it's only available with some areas.


    Does anyone have a link to a really good satellite map?

  10. Hi,

    I would like to know more about magnets. How do they work?


    One other question i had was is everything attracted to mangets? (if they were strong enough) There is protons and electrons in a wood atom but why doesn't a magnet attract/repeal that?


    basically, i want to know all about magnets. Tell me it in highschool/ freshman at college level knowledge. :D

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