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  1. The agnotology is the knowledge of your future.

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    2. exchemist


      Thanks. I see. I've now looked it up. So it is from Greek for not knowing rather than Latin for sheep. I see the term was coined in 1995, so that explains why I had not heard of it. 

    3. Kartazion


      The word 'agnotology' was invented in 1992 and published in 1995. But this method has been used for decades, see even centuries. I recall that for those who follow, that the agnotology is the study of the cultural production of ignorance, doubt or misinformation.

      Indeed the use of agnotology in a social environment, allows the one who practices it, to be able to be master of the situation in terms of control, in the assurance of knowledge.

      These techniques are widely used in industry, in order to sell their product more easily, because the industrialists have technical and environmental knowledge, while the people are given to them in mores, where there is confusion about what everyone says - from one region to another.

      Since Internet, democratization and the denunciation of 'agnotological' techniques are now more easily updated. ... Except that the means employed to counter them are colossal.

    4. Kartazion


      @exchemist Etymologically, the word 'Agnosticism' is almost similar as 'Agnotology' , namely the common word 'knowledge'.

      Agnosticism - Wikipedia

  2. I find particular importance in Stephen Hawking's theory for explaining how the universe works. The best for me. Indeed the singularity is the beginning of our system with the big bang, and the supermassive black holes for the galaxies. Knowing that a collapsing star can become a singularity, is considered for my part as the singularity of the so-called solar system. Obviously, and from this mechanical deduction, the center of the earth should also be considered as a singularity.

    Have a nice day.

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