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  1. Its not a discussion if you dont listen. Its more like oppression is what I get from this site. Just like when people pretend that air is not matter and only see it as air. 

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    2. Theredbarron


      Oh I do listen. I really whish that I could show you what I have done with eddy currents since I was informed about them on here. before I even came to this site I used basic physics that has stood the tests of time and came up with a functional solution and all you say is that its air as if air is not matter. Your not looking at it correctly. I will get this in a vacuum chamber where I can get it as low as possible and I will move matter inside the chamber. You people here just ask for numbers as if im going to have different ones. I just simply tied some stuff together and you didnt even try to listen. So I do consider logical response that are not from ego and belief. Check the conversations if you want. I even put an accelerometer near it to test it. Some one suggested that but its not like you would even listen to the results.  So who is really not Listening.

    3. swansont


      If you have science to post, post it in the forums. (unless it's on a subject where you're run out of chances to post something of merit) 

      Your problem in the past is that you don't post science, you post hand-wavy nonsense. No rigor, no evidence.

    4. Theredbarron


      I guess it doesn't exist because you dont want to call it science? Im not the one that thinks air doesn't have sub atomic particles. All you have ever do is try to shut it down and not read at all. Pretty much just you so im guessing your acting out of emotions and not science. All my warnings show it. Is it personal is that why you keep doing it?

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