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  1. Like you can tell what a person is like and how there mind thinks etc through studying their hand writing. Do you think there is some sort of way intelligent people write compared to non-intelligent. Also bonus question, what is your writing style like, I write cursive and it is slanted to the right.

  2. I am just kidding. No I think you are in the right, my dad always drink coffee and drive and never have accident, as long as you good driver and no accident then it is good.


    edit: and also that no law is broken. You break no law so it is fine I think.

  3. Or put it better by  a video I watched on you tube "the weak nuclear interaction" which still doesn't make me understand it fully. It is neither a push or pull force which makes it less intuitive but it is responsible for radioactive decay according to Wikipedia. Can someone please give me an intuitive definition of the weak nuclear force and its function.

  4. Well I was thinking that there was possibility they were repelling each other but the strong nuclear force keep them together...


    edit: and that the strong nuclear force is greater then the repulsive force between quarks if there was repulsion...

  5. How is information like new discoveries, quantum mechanic discoveries released into the public? Is there a main website where that happens, is it by law information must be released to public or do scientists have a belief information must be shared. How do we know so much about what scientists do and know, how is this information distributed to public and for even sites like Wikipedia to know about tons of stuff

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