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  1. This is basically what I got out of my textbook but I switch it into my own words 

    The uncertainty principle says that you can't know both the position and momentum of particle without it affecting one or the other.

    Is  this correct, also could you add more depth to it like tell me WHY this is so... thanks in advance

  2. The stupidity is what your gravity generator is producing and that is what creates the suction power which is causing the paper to go in towards your gravity generator. It is like how a fart is produces from the rectum, the fart creates a sound wave and pushes the air outwards. In your fart generator you are sucking in the fart power and that pushes the paper towel inwards with fart power.

  3. I was watching a documentary on YouTube, well I have watched it ages ago but someone else posted about the Ferris wheel looking thing that supposedly produces "FREE ENERGY" on here and it popped up back in my mind. I am wondering what they mean by free energy as they talk about it when referring to perpetual motion as well. I know this is impossible according to current laws of physics. So what is free energy?

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