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  1. Man, it is hard to get hold of an administrator here! Anyways, I have ideas for your forum!

    To attract new traffic to your site, so that more people want to advertise, you could include a new forum called 'bright sparks' or 'patents by law' or something? If you get the people posting their ideas here, like new products they want to perfect or assemble, but need help, they will all run here! This will be where you will need a simple contract written up by the court, through a lawyer, costing about a hundred dollars, where if it is posted here, it remains your property, and the rights of those posting on it, if you will?

    Then, as an aside, you would get more traffic if you had two more forums, humanities, like for psychology and culture, and language and teaching and stuff, and, one for finance, hey?

    Thanks for reading this, sorry, you seem to be the only one around at any given time...

    1. hypervalent_iodine


      Could you please send me PM’s in future. I don’t look at my profile often and don’t get notifications when people post to it.

      Thank you for your suggestions.

    2. Strange


      There is a thread specifically for suggestions like this: 


      Generally, the reason there isn't a section for X is because not enough people are interested in X, or the same thing can be discussed somewhere else on the forum.

      In the case of your "inventions" suggestion, anyone posting their ideas on a public forum would invalidate their chances of patenting it (in most countries) and so it would be a really stupid thing to do.

  2. Success! These guys contacted me to do business with them, and, I speculated that, with minor research, there was much production of refrigeration, and a lot of importing of food in Japan. This meant the price would be down on the big heavy storage fridges, and, lots of demand for them from food imports, as they are close to Japan.

    Bought the whole market. Invested, seven million U.S. dollars, two hours later out with forty seven net, forty million profit.

    1. nevim


      Well done!

    2. DrP


      If you don't post me $100,000 as a free gift I won't believe you and will assume you are lying.  Seriously - I could retire on 100K. ;-)   I guess you won't miss that out of your 40M!  :D

      PM me and I'll give you an address to post the check to. :D

  3. Hello there. Would it be okay to write about 'kissing techniques,' as that is 'kosher?' I mean, I can keep it clean, but, I would like some feedback on these ways I have developed to see what others think?

    I don't want to break any rules, so if the answer is no, I will understand. It is scientific as it embraces the sciences of biology and music, or, 'melodious mathematics.'

    Thanks all the same.

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    2. Brett Nortj

      Brett Nortj

      It is based on biology, to show the nerves reactions to rhythmic sensuality, of course.

    3. Brett Nortj

      Brett Nortj

      Did someone delete it?

    4. hypervalent_iodine


      Looks like it was hidden, yes. It was largely nonsense, so I'm not sure what you expected.

  4. Super hero challenge; Why don't those without avatars take on super hero avatars? Then we can 'pretend' to be in the next marvel movie, you know what I am saying?

    1. Sensei


      If you will use Einstein's photo as profile, it won't make you any smarter, I am afraid so..


    2. Brett Nortj

      Brett Nortj

      I am speaking to those without avatars! Why not use a 'cool' one?

  5. After forty posts I only have three dislikes. Seems I have found a community of real thinkers, but, we don't seem to speak the same language, no? I find my stuff very easy to understand, and, fail to see how something this fluent and expressive of my own ideas is found wrong, as, it is after all obvious.

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