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  1. Hi StringJunky and DrP. Thank you both very much for your replies. To be honest, I was only after a rough answer which I think you have given. It seems to me that not very much emulsifier is needed compared to the main substances being mixed together. If only a small number of oil molecules in a mixture are bonded by a small number of emulsifier molecules to a small number of water molecules in the mixture, do any of you know how this can help the non-bonded oil and water molecules remain mixed together?
  2. Hi Everyone Lets say there is a container which contains 50g of oil floating on top of 50g of water. What is the minimum amount of washing-up liquid needed in order to fully and permanently emulsify the oil and water? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  3. Hi StringJunky Thank you very much for your reply. Kind regards Tim
  4. Hi Everyone I know that if erythritol is added to hot molten coco butter and mixed in so that the erythritol melts into the coco butter, the erythritol can then separate from the coco butter and recrystalize as the mixture cools. Would the emulsifier lecithin stop this separation and crystalization if it was mixed into the mixture? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  5. Hi everyone. I would like to begin this post by explaining what I know (or think I know). 1. Fat is stored in fat cells. 2. Fat cells are not actually made of fat. (An "empty" fat cell contains no fat.) 3. When the body needs to extract energy from fat, it gets released from fat cells and then gets "burned" in whichever cells need the energy. 4. Fat is oily/waxy in nature. Basically, I would like to know the answer to the following six questions: 1. When fat enters the cells that need the energy, is it still in an oily/waxy form? 2. I rather expect that the fat is not burned in exactly the same way as it would be if it was on fire. I also rather expect that the "burning" process is much slower and produces much less heat than burning by fire. What is the difference from a chemical perspective? 3. What are the all exhaust products of fat burning in the body? 4. Are any of these exhaust products oily/waxy in nature? 5. Does a person who is losing weight excrete more oily/waxy substances than normal? 6. If the answer to question 5 is yes then could some of these excreted oily/waxy substances be leftover, unburned fat which was released by fat cells but never used by the body? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  6. Hi StringJunky and Strange Thank you both very much for your replies. Kind regards Tim
  7. Hi Everyone I have looked at a 160g packet of sliced roast chicken from Sainsbury's and it says that half a pack contains the following: Fat: 1.3g Carbohydrates: <0.5g Fibre: <0.5g Protein: 22.3g From the above data, I have calculated that 69.25% of the sliced roast chicken is neither fat, carbohydrates, fibre or protein. Does anyone here know what the 69.25% consists of? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  8. Hi Cryptodiamond Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, those are them. To be honest, I have not come across the word "tarn" before. I have just looked it up on Wikipedia and I have found out that there are a few of them around the world and they are usually formed by glaciers. Thank you very much for introducing me to a new piece of terminology. I have had another look at Baffin Island using Google Maps (in Satellite mode) and I have found a small number of somewhat irregular liquid water tarns on Cumberland Peninsula but I have not found any other frozen tarns quite like the two I mentioned in my original post. The are quite unique and they are right next to each other. I find them very intriguing and I would be very grateful if more experts could bring their knowledge to bear on them. Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  9. Hi Everyone I have become very confused about the Daily Values of all of the vitamins and minerals etc we are supposed to consume in order to remain healthy. I have spent several hours over the last few days on the website that I won't link to because of the anti-advertising rules trying to work out how to put meals together in order to make sure I get at least 100% of all of my DVs every day and to be honest, I rather feel I have wasted my time because I have been unable to find a manageable combination of foods which takes every value over 100%. It is much harder than doing the Rubik's Cube. It also seems to me that some of the DVs are set rather high. For example, in order to eat my DV of potassium, I would have to eat about ten medium bananas or more than a kilogram of broccoli or the whole of a butternut squash every day. That is too much for me. I therefore suspect that very few people succeed in eating 100% of all of their DVs every day. Is it healthier to just ignore the DVs and just eat what seems to be healthy to eat? Is there an alternative methodology for ensuring you are eating healthily which does not involve DVs? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  10. Hi Everyone I have just watched one of Dr Berg's Youtube videos entitled "Weight Loss Is Not Natural For Your Body". In the video, he says that if you are trying to lose body fat and you don't eat any fat at all, your body will react to the scarcity of dietary fat by clinging on to your own fat stores, thus preventing you from losing body fat. He also seems to imply that not eating any fat will cause you body to burn your protein stores instead, thereby causing muscle loss. He therefore says that you must eat some fat. However he does not say how much. Is Dr Berg correct about all of this? If yes, then how much is the minimum amount of fat (in grams or calories whichever is appropriate) that you need to eat per day in order to make sure that your body does not think that there is a scarcity of dietary fat? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  11. Hi Hi Swansont Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any lab equipment to test this out and I don't have the expertise to develop much of a model around this. I would be very grateful if you could provide a link to a web page which gives the explanation that you mention. Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim Hi Sensei Thank you very much for your reply. Do you know of a good home kit I can buy in order to do this which includes a photon-splitting crystal, two detectors and a coincidence meter so that I can test the specific scenarios I am talking about. To be honest, I am hoping that this thread will become a discussion not just of what happens but why it happens. Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  12. Hi Swansont Thank you very much for your reply. One of the ways I have seen the "which path" experiment presented is that a photon-splitting crystal is positioned at one of the slits so that the photon can be detected going through that slit and the explanation given as to why the interference pattern disappears is that the photon "knows that it is being observed". I find this a difficult explanation to accept. If you just block one of the slits then the interference pattern will disappear for a very obvious reason so this does not get to the bottom of why it disappears when one of the slits is being monitored as opposed to just being blocked. I think that my original post might give a possible explanation for this but I may be wrong and would be very grateful to anyone who can verify this or otherwise comment on it. Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  13. Hi. Everyone I don't know for sure but I think I know why the interference pattern in the double slit experiment disappears when one of the slits is "observed" by an extra piece of apparatus. I would be very grateful for your comments. As I see it, the "observed" particles which create the double band pattern on the screen are just a subset of the other particles which do form the interference pattern and the "observed" particles happen to have a specific property which causes them to be "observed" by the extra piece of apparatus which does not observe all of the particles. When the extra piece of apparatus is removed and the interference pattern returns, the double band pattern of particles with the specific property is still there but it is totally camouflaged by the interference pattern made up by the other particles. Do you think I am right or wrong? EDIT: I think I should clarify something here. As I understand it, this experiment is usually conducted using a device called a "coincidence meter" which has two detectors attached to it. One of the detectors is positioned stationarily at the "observed" slit. The other detector is a moving detector positioned at the "screen". When a particle is detected in both channels of the coincidence meter, it scores a "hit". When a particle is detected in only one channel, it scores a "miss". The double band pattern is formed by the "hits". Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  14. Hi Strange Thank you very much for your reply. To be honest, I think that Zionism is a tricky issue because Israel was established in a location with a pre-existing population. From what I understand from the history of Israel, it was established by Jewish people as a sanctuary against antisemitism and Nazism in Europe after WW2. I think that they should have instead tried to establish, together with the native population, a purely secular state with no divisions between ethnicities or religions. I don't think it is antisemitic of me to be opposed to the idea of a state founded on any particular religion or ethnicity. I know that some people will want to reply by saying that the UK is founded on Christianity. Well, this is not a situation I am exactly comfortable with. However, I am very proud of how far the UK has come in terms of diversity.
  15. Hi Everyone I would be very grateful for some clarification about something. I have been watching the news coverage about "antisemitism" in the Labour Party and, to be honest, I don't think that the media are explaining it very well. The media are being very vague about it. I should state at this point that I think that genuine antisemitism is 100% evil. I believe that to treat anyone differently just because of their race or ethnicity is an evil thing to do. However, I do not believe that there is anything whatsoever antisemitic about criticising the Israeli government. I might be wrong but I get the impression that some of the campaigners against antisemitism in the Labour Party (but not necessarily all of them) are confusing criticism of the Israeli government for antisemitism. Does anyone on this forum have a rough idea what percentage of alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party is genuine antisemitism whereby a completely innocent Jewish person is being treated badly by a member of the Labour Party and what percentage is whereby a completely innocent member of the Labour Party is criticising the Israeli government? I would be very grateful for any thought about this. Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  16. Hi Endy0816 Thank you very much for your helpful reply. I have done some more research on this and I have discovered that there are actually two types of casin, A1 and A2. Apparently, A2 is much less allergenic than A1. Is this true? Is anyone allergic to A2? Also, I have read that a large proportion of people who think they are lactose intolerant may, instead, actually be allergic to casin. Apparently the symptoms are difficult to tell apart. Is this true? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  17. Hi Everyone. I know that lactose intolerant people can get around their intolerance by putting lactase drops into their milk. Can people who are allergic to casin do something similar to enable them to drink milk? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  18. Hi Everyone Last year, I was on a flight from London to Seattle and for some technical reason, the plane had to take a much more Northern flight path than it otherwise would have done. As a result, we flew over the Northern end of Baffin Island. As we flew over the eastern coast of Baffin Island, I saw two amazingly beautiful, roughly circular glacier lakes right next to each other. You can see them in the middle of the attached image from Google Maps. I have actually looked all over Baffin Island on Google Maps and I have not found any similar circular glacier lakes. I therefore have two questions; Does anyone on this forum have any idea how these lakes were formed? Does anyone know why the only two lakes like them on the Baffin Island formed right next to each other? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
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