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  1. I read more than 500k articles about everything that exists, i suffer from depression and existential boredom. Things to let me to belief that, things are determined, or undetermined, we are just particles, which behaviour is either determined, or undetermined, i can't think of anything else, so because i can't see other colours, doesn't mean other don't exists, either there aren't other options, or we don't know them yet, which make me interested about whether everything is binary or not and i didn't find proof, or disproof: http://backreaction.blogspot.com/2016/01/free-will-is-dead-lets-bury-it.html Deterministic - everyhing is determined, no space for free will. Compatibilitic - They define free will as freedom to act according to one's motives without arbitrary hindrance from other individuals or institutions. Which is not free will in my opinion, because you don't choose genes, with which you born and your environment and extrinisic factors. Libertarian - naturistical: Bohr said - no connection could be made between indeterminism of nature and freedom of will non physical - which would require soul, or conciousness not underlying physical laws, which you have no proof of that Einstein didn't believe in free will aswell as: sean caroll, stephen hawking, sabine hosselander, richard dawkins. Normal people after getting brain tumor, become pedophiles and murderers, it is fact genes can determine iq up to 90%, or personality from 35% - studies on twins. Also i am stil not sure if everything isn't binary, which i got answer for example word temperature, but it is just a word, which antonym is coldness for example, you can mirror it upside down and word is just light refraction, which is wawe lenght, which can have thereticaly opposite value like 400 and -400, like matter and antimatter and it means quantity of kinectic energy transfered, i don't remember definition from head, there can be unlimited postive heat C, but only limited in - to absolute zero. but one more i don't understand what that means in terms of kinertic energy, or another type energy chemical, if there is exactly opposite. Like some energy would determined -50 c and some +3000c. You have even proton, which counterpart is neutron i think, and even qurks or some particles have counter particles. I didn't occupy if everything is binary or not long time, because i didn't find much and for more reasons yet, so i am saying i just don't know currently. Edit 12:33: that question if everything is binary is stil bothering me: even energy has opposite dark energy.
  2. My point is if everything is indeterministic, or deterministic, there is 0 chance for free will. There would have to be a third option. So i ask again is there any another view that macrosocopis level, or quantum particles are indeterministic, or deterministic.
  3. Point is, is there a any other view in quantum mechanics, that determinism, or indeterminism ?
  4. Physical laws are deterministic, like if you drop a ball it will fall down cause gravitation. But quantum mechanics is indeterministic, you can only predict, where particle will be. It either means, it is random, or determined, but we can't determine it yet. And we are just particles, nothing more, so if their behaviour is determined, or random, it does not leave any room for free will.
  5. Hello, are there more approaches in quantum mechanics than deterministic and indeterministic, because if not, we certainly don't have free will. Thanks for answer.
  6. Hello, 2045 initiative is promising transfer of human brain into a computer. It is weird to me already 2045 it could be theoretically possible and even you wouldn't have unlimited resources like ai at beggining, you would get exponentially smarter as quantum computers advances. Currently 2018 there is no biological upgrade for brain. You can only exercise and eat healthy and train brain, which very important. But you can't like expand you brain, or add 50 000 neurons, or whatever and 2045 it would be possible already to transfer human brain into a computer. I don't know if you know red alert 3, when russian traveled to past and killed einsteien and everything was electrical from inventions of tesla and there were no nukes. It seems to me like what path in science humanity chooses. I always wondered what would be better, first improve biological intelligence, or straight up try to research transfer of human brain into computer. It is just weird how things are in comparison, scientist still don't know anything about consciosnes and like 1% about human brain. Seems to me like in some science we are in stone age and in some we are in future, hard to describe, just weird, how ADVANCEMENT is in comparison with other science branches, at lest to me. Because human inteligence is very limited by genes, even neuroloplasticity is effective, not everyone becomes milionares even after putting all time to it. Even in quantum mechanics, there is always probablity and everything is random, but still life is pretty determined at macroscopis level, it is pretty stable i would say, not that you iq would change one day from 100 to 200, because some random stuff at quantum level, there are at the same time a lot of things determined since you are born, like personality is by 35% determined by dna, or temperament by how you are raised and you don't choose enviroment either. Even your destiny is random, which is not much better than determined, you have still 0% control. You are just atoms and smaller particles, which are all indistinguishable, you are no different from a rock. There are even some immune cells causing pointless pain without, trade off, or reason, evolitonary mistake, you are just some particle, consciousness is just ilusion, it is all just dumb...
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