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  1. I am just now learning about now learning about how the universe formed, like about gold and what not and dudes and dudeets. Its fucking crazy, there are elements in me from a fucking star explosion that occured billions of billions of years ago. I tell ya, if you learn science from the right source it feels like everything just opens up! Like the universe becomes more and more knowable. Before I had to be on medication to see this amount of beauty. This is epic!


    1. TheVat


      I am not informed on what dudeets are, or their role in the early universe or stellar formation, but it does sound pretty epic!  Well-known cosmologist Neil Young apparently wrote a song on this topic.

    2. ALine


      can you send a link to it? Been looking on YouTube but have not found it yet.

    3. ALine


      also sorry about that, dudes and dudets. The female version of the dude.

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