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  1. I have determined that when I grow up, I'm going to be what I call a "Foundational Computational Mathematics, Science, and Design Specialist." 

    What is that you may ask?

    Well sit back and I'll tell ya!

    A "Foundational Computational Mathematics, Science, and Design specialist" (FCMSDS for short) is someone who does math and science using a computer while also understanding the basis of how a computer works! Mastering the algorithms while at the same time knowing how the algorithms are implemented to make the algorithms run more efficiently!

    A "FCMSDS" would focus on a few key things, optimization, object behavior, object behavior modeling and simulation, and just general science stuff. 

    So it is basically a weird mesh between computer engineering, foundational/computational/applied/discrete/analysis mathematics and finally just science and engineering in general with an emphasis in computer engineering, it acting as the backbone of the career field.

    Because computer science Is the basis it basically states that "optimization is key" meaning that because different designs and simulations and models require computational algorithms to work, those algorithms must be as optimized as possible!

    Today is my first day in being one and I am excited to see where the "non existent" career path takes me!

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