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  1. ....and if, by the conservation of energy, " something " cannot become " nothing ", then " something " ( whatever that is ) will always exist. Tomorrow, or even the next moment, hasn't been created yet but there won't be a Big Bang to bring either into existence.
  2. Yes,that would definitely help.Perhaps adopting/adapting some of the principles of Jainism would assist too.
  3. Perhaps you could line the interior walls with enlarged 3D landscape pictures and put on those 3D glasses when you go inside, if that's not too difficult. I would probably try to make a scaled-down version first, using a large cardboard box about 1m by 1m by 1m and cutting a hole in one side just big enough to put my face through. Can't think of anything else, sorry. Good luck anyway.
  4. Is it not unnatural for any adult to drink milk at all? I can't think of another mammal that naturally needs to continue drinking milk after being weaned. Years ago, in the U.K., we were all encouraged to " Drinka Pinta Milk A Day" to make sure we got enough calcium, but that's not really necessary now as we can get enough calcium, ( around 700mg per day ), from other sources like bread, nuts, green vegetables, soya and, if you're not a Vegan, fish. I often just have water on my breakfast cereals too. In regard to the OP, i don't think any particular diet will solve international food shortages affected by over-population, hostile environments and severe weather etc, but wouldn't it be wonderful if all the vast amounts of money wasted world-wide on " Defence Budgets " could be diverted to eliminating poverty? " Swords into ploughshares " would help to alleviate world hunger far more.
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