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  1. how can pure energy make up a mass?
  2. but they must be made out of something u know, they cant just be there. I dont really understand how it can just be there and made of nothing else. Firstly what we thought of atoms, just to be there and made up of nothing smaller, that is what we are now thinking about these small particles neutrinos quarks gluons and others??
  3. If we are made up of cells, cells are made up of atoms, atoms made up of protons neutrons electrons and they are made up of quarks and whatever else they are made up of......... then what are those things made up of.... and what are they made up of..... the list goes on.. How can we keep describing smaller 'things' to be made up of even smaller 'things' when we can keep going infinately? hope u guys understand.
  4. Some people say "a parrot who can mimic doesn't advantage itself, so it will not attract other mates, be smarter...." thats true but thats probably exactly the same as us when we were millions of years old, and now look where we are?
  5. I thought mars was the last of the internal planets. I THOUGHT Jupiter was the first of the external planets because it was after the asteriod belt? tell me if im wrongggggg
  6. Another pretty straightforward thing i was tryin to ask is, just for example, some birds can chirp and squark and whatever they do, one day will they evolve enough to be able to actually speak and not just copy what we say but actually think of their own stuff to say in reply to what we say. Having intelligent conversations with animals. Yet again probably in hundreds of thousands of years/millions of years. you guys think?
  7. I was wondering, according to the theories we grew up as apes and stuff that couldn't really talk and resembled gorillas of this present day. It took us hundreds of thousands of years, or so, to become the way we are today. Now, do you think if in thousands, or hundreds of thousands of years the animals of today would eventually evolve into what may be human like creatures, as in they can communicate and build stuff and do basically the same stuff that we can do? anyone any thoughts on this?
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