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  1. This may be a repost , sorry. I read that the black holes can 'evaporate' by shooting off some radiation and other stuff. If anyone has heard of this please let me know. By evaporating, they eventually will become nothing, because they will lose all their mass by 'evaporating' or shooting off stuff like radiation and other things. well my quetsion is.. if 'nothing' not even light can escape, how can black holes evaporate? how can even radiation get away or anything else. thanks guys/girls.
  2. arkain101, go give your work to someone who can do something about it or has high enough knowledge to sort it out. I dont think you could just chat over the internet with some random people about the best/biggest theory since einstein. It should be worth the 4 hour drive to hand your theory to a university (if this is even the right way to check if your theory is right/publish it) if it is the worlds biggest breakthrough since einstein. good luck.
  3. This might be a bit off topic but; I've read in the newtonian booklet that black holes 'evaporate' by losing particles or radiation (i think) that appears out of no where (forget the name for them). How can these particles/radiation escape the black hole, if nothing can theoretically escape a black hole. How can a black hole deteriorate if nothing can escape them?
  4. Light cant have a mass becasue if it is moving at 'c' then that is impossible. But then, how is light affected by gravity if it has no mass. It cant have a mass if it moves at 'c'..? ? ? ?
  5. well, what i've been reading says that it makes u keep a good posture, while normal chairs let u relax and sit with a bad posture. also, normal chairs are letting you relax, while the ball has no support so you are forced naturally to keep your back straight and keep yourself steady on the ball, which works the small muscles inside your body.. (abs area or back im not too sure) which are not usually exercised. Another website said that usually people 'put their back out' because even fi they do exercise at the gym or what not, they are doing the major muscles, not the minor muscles which this exercise ball would do, by sitting on it infront of the computer lets say. sound wrong or what?
  6. Just wondering, everyone should know those exercise balls about 60cm in diametre at the gym. Are these balls good to just sit on while at work, or at the computer. I heard they were, but I wouldnt want to buy one and find out its damaging my back or something. I know they are good to exercise on but not sure about just sitting on for hours at a time. Thanks..
  7. who cares about language. who cares about 1 billion years. who cares about 1000 years. the way the world is goin now, petrol $2 a litre soon, everyone money hungry, they'd rather the money than look after the world. soon enough we'll all die. 10,000 years, i wish. i dont know much, but look at 100 yeras ago, the earth was fine. look now. look in another 100 yeras.
  8. sorry if this is in wrong section but..best i could see as topic title says.., how much weight could one normal sized helium balloon lift, the ones you get at the circus/show/party/whatever? or to be more exact, how many would be needed to lift say 100g? thanks in advance.
  9. h2so4 is an acid, what are the other acids on the same side of the equatoin? OH- is a base and isnt NH4 is a base because it breaks up the water molecule to give the OH- molecule? ehhh
  10. how is there such thing as infinite. wouldnt infinite be just a word to explain something too great for us to imagine. How could there possibly be something infinite. there must be limits somewhere ???????
  11. is that equation i gave above, NH4+(aq) + 3OH-(aq) + H3PO4(aq) --> 3H2O(l) + (NH4)3PO4(aq) correct?
  12. Hi, my questions are, if you want to titrate ammonia ion NH4+ with H3PO4, firstly, the h3po4 is triptopic.. meaning it yields 3 hydrogen ions per molecule. IS THIS TRUE? secondly, the original equation is NH3 + H2O --> NH4+ + OH- Now, titrating this base with H3PO4, i believe the equation of titration would be: NH4+(aq) + 3OH-(aq) + H3PO4(aq) --> 3H2O(l) + (NH4)3PO4(aq) is (NH4)3PO4 a likely product? or would it be (nh4)2HPO4?
  13. and proton + neutron + electron makes up an atom, unless its hydrogen which only has one proton and one electron.
  14. -electrocution -electrical effects on humans -electromagnetic effects on humans -electrical radiation and its effects on humans basically we gota research and write up why we believe that there are more benefits to electricity in the world than the downsides to it (those that we have to research above) are there any good websites comparing the advantages and disadvantages of such things?
  15. hey guys, dunno if this should go in homework help or programming but anyway.. our physics assignment is on programming, its BASIC language, we are using a program called PICAXE to create and program a integrated circuit chip thing. im up to the stage now that ive done the programming- now is the assignment, need to talk about everything about IC and programing and this chip and this and that, everything involved in this simple programming and the chip and semi conductors and micro chips and that. Need a background information section on this kind of information -semi conductors material --> and how its used to build microchips -programming in general -picaxe software -LED's --> semiconductors and resistors -integrated circuits -anything else related to this simple task my question is, does anyone out there have any knowledge about any of the following - or better send some good websites, i've looked a bit on wikipedia and its given some good stuff. Does anyone else know any good websites and links to information about this. It is only a high school assginment so not into that much detail but enough. Thanks in advance guys/girls heaps.
  16. we have to research of the net- our teacher sucks man. we havent learnt anything all term all its been is assignments- so our exam is on stimulus response.
  17. I need research for high school exam. we need to research the following: -electricity and its effects on humans and environment -electrocution and other stuff relating to that, i forget the other stuff but its all similar to that. Anyone know of any good websites for this? thanks. ps. its gotta be simple not too simple but not too heavy - yr 12 high school 18 yr old stuff. thhhaaaanks
  18. When people ask could there be life on mars or pluto or mercury.... the answer is always "no it would be too hot or too cold for the organisms to survive" What if the organisims evolved to withstand that environmental pressures? Why would they have to be like us here on Earth? Also another question: Why when people are thinking about 'aliens' or life on other universes.. why would they always be thought to be more superior than us?
  19. Well, for my assignmetn we have a parachute, our testing hasnt been thorough enough to determine fully the effects of our three variables , which are: change in surface area differnet shaped parachute with same surface area addition of weights to the parachute base Well the change in surface area is alright, but the different shapes we have, a rectangle, circle and triangle. aafter testing them the time they took to be dropped from 2 stories high, they all took around about 7-8 secs long, but it was a bit windy and results are not very accurate, we didnt have long either in class to do it. What im asking is, 2 things, should the three shapes show different results, if they are all the same surface area would the different shape make the parachute slow down or speed up at all?? and.. say that the parachute weighted 10 g, and it took 10 secs to fall, we added 10 g, so it weighed 20g, and it took about 8.. we aded 40, and it took about 4 or so? i forget, but would the addition of weights if we graphed the time each parachute took to fall AGAINST the weight of the parachute, would it be linear or not? just some help appreciated because our results are fairly inaccurate and not much time left, thanks guys/girls.
  20. Hi all, im doing a physics experiment on soda bomb cars.. for those who dont know its a soda bulb placed in the back of a wooden small car,.. it travels around 20 metres in 1-2 seconds.. For our physics experiment, we have CHOSEN to do this and we have to like.. talk about different effects on the car, one is how weight affects it.. ie, adding different weights on to the car and checking how this affects the time, deceleration, initial vel and final vel, etc. Now, we need at least 3 things to talk about, another could be different surfaces, or different inclines... but the one i need help with is aerodynamics. We could attach differnt shaped things onto the car to make it less aerodynamic? but how would we be able to measure the 'aerodynamicness' of it? would there be any formulas to use? maybe we could set it up on a flat surface and use a hairdrier to blow air at it, and see which attachment we have used on the car would make the car move the furtherest by the hairdrier? any ideas? thanks in advance, John.
  21. hey fellas how do you write "John" in japanese symbols... my friend showed me it looked like 3 symbols but im just gonna double check with whoever can help me. Thanks in advance
  22. I have to build a project for my physics experiemtn, it will take place over hmm about 2 months or so. One person is building a telescope (trying to) I wanted to build a rocket, but since i've never built one and they are dangerous and this is high school I will probably definately not be allowed. Another thing i thought of is a rocket car or something similar, dunno exactly how to build it, but it would be easy to do research on and easy to talk about the results (time of movement, how far it went, top speed) Any ideas people? Thanks..
  23. I think i remember a while ago reading or someone telling me that the edge of the universe is only as big as where all the expanding mass has reached. When the big bang happened (if it did happen) then wouldn't the edge of the universe not be where the mass has reached, but be further, because the light (which would be travelling faster then the mass from the big bang, because nothing travels at light speed or faster) would have reached further than the mass which was exploded from the big bang. any ideas on this?
  24. thanks YT, would you or anyone else have any idea how i could tell by looking at that truth table, the circuit or components that would make up that truth table? is it just a guess and check way or is there a better way to do it. I am pretty sure it only consists of and or and not gates. thanks
  25. I have a question about truth tables for the logic gates. I am given the truth table, I have to work out what the circuit would look like and what the function of the logic gate is ... like I have to find out : x = a.b.c + a.b + c that was just an example.. Now this is the truth table i am given: A B C Output 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 Would anyone be able to tell me the function of this truth table, or tell me the diagram of the setup of the combined logic gates, i think it SHOULD be used with AND OR and NOT gates combined.
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