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  1. I don't know about the answer but that tunnel will defenatelly solve the global CO2 problem xD since it's heavier then air it should theoretically collect in the tunnel. However due to this we might even experience a huge pressure drop xD Anyway Ill stop overthinking cuz itll lead to bad things

  2. Well the data isnt really gonna be stored inside a single server for many reasons:

    The immense ammount of space needed as you said,

    It will be vulnerable and backing it up will cost alot.

    Instead I'm aiming for the PDF library to just hold the links of the books unless it is required to be hosted on it's own. And I'll use public clouds to stpre the rest and compress it aswell. And I dont think It'll be above 10 petabytes and I can manage anything less then that. Once the website gets a bit more constant traffic I'll start working on assembling a team for this and hosting properly.

  3. So, what do you plan to accomplish with this that's not already available? Just as you yourself note, the internet IS a great source of materials for self-education. One does have to weed through some stuff that's just incorrect / deliberately biased (e.g., http://www.electricuniverse.info/Introduction), but generally speaking there is a lifetime's worth of good education out there for free.


    If your goal is to eliminate the need for that weeding, I laud you, but how do you plan to establish your reputation such that people can count on having all good and no bad by using your site?


    Do you plan for this to be science and math only? Or do you plan to include things like history, philosophy, political theory, etc.? I ask because those latter ones are areas particularly subject to bias and propaganda.

    I will be careful about that as history books are really unreliable, but I will not fight against it, and I'll make sure to include the counter statements: so for example if I upload the history books of Armenia I will make sure to include Turkish and Azerbaijanian history since they have hostile relationships with Armenia thus their history books are purposely written to teach hate against each other. But I will put an [Approved] tag in the names of valid info which will have proof of it's validity. This is not a small project but I'll do my best and I know I'll be facing a lot of problems doing this. I'll let people further develop their biased opinions, it is their choice.

  4. Hello everybody,


    I am working on a non-profit project which will let any student get free books and self-educate with ease.

    Throughout my life I found that self-education is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself and I want to make it a more common thing, thus why I created a forum-like place where everybody can learn with entertaining videos from many creators and a PDF library that will contain all of the educational books from all over the globe in as many languages as possible.

    And ofcourse this project is not very easy for a 16 year old kid so I decided to post here for help.


    May you help me with:

    1. Finding education books (or online libraries which contain them) and giving me the link.

    2. Sending me all of your lectures and stating the school, adress, and which class the lectures are for.

    3. Sending me programs (or links to it) which are useful when working on a science related thing.

    4. Giving feedback on what I can improve.


    Thank you so much for your time, I hope together we can make the world a better place.

    My mail: mher.movsisyan2011@gmail.com

    The website: opensourcescience.enjin.com

  5. Sidenote: I do not know much about neuroscience and psychology yet.


    From my perspective, religion is a way to control large groups of people with ease as pretty much all tribes developed this belief of a higher being when they grew in numbers and weren't able to sustain a calm, peaceful society with only some police force and a single (or a group) of leaders.

    However, this "control" might not be as bad as it sounds, sacrificing a tiny bit of freedom in this case generally implies to living peacefully inside the community, understanding this I stand by not teaching atheism although I am one.

    Some claim that religion is something that is gained throughout our evolutionary history but I refuse to believe that, I believe that it is a socially transmitted type of group self-control that closely resembles a hivemind system.

    I still think the world is not ready for a full change to atheism, although we all know the cons of religion, we still need to factor in the state of the world. As of now religion works like a combustion engine that drives humanity but pollutes the surroundings but it is inexpensive and simple, it gives us time to adapt to the free energy solution (windmills and solar plants are atheism in this case). There's no reason to fight religion beliefs as we ourselves aren't ready for a change this big.


    Thank you for your time.

  6. This is my first post and I'm glad to join this awesome community.


    So yeah lately I've been wondering about this and I thought of a lot of possibilities this could end in, I discussed this in some other forums but none of them really could theorize a solution.


    So let's say we have two men in two spaceships in a vacuum, they both have clocks which show the same time at the start of the experiment.

    One of them is "A" and the other is "B".

    They are facing apart from each other (180o) and as the experiment starts they both start traveling at 75% the speed of light (away from the starting point).

    If you look at this from a Classical Physics perspective technically they should travel at 150% the speed of light apart from each other.


    1. Is the Classical Physics perspective correct and if not explain the answer.

    2. Will the clocks in both spaceships differ from each other?

    3. Explain what will happen and why.


    Thank you, and sorry if I'm posting this in a wrong sub-forum.

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