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    This. It doesn't matter if you have more time at your disposal when you will be braindead and will not function. It's more useful to use some of that for actual sleep. I don't know the side-effects of that drug, but I'm guessing they stack up after a prolongue state of wakefulness.




    Alright, I assumed it would come to this. No one will support you in this endeavor here.

    Topping the world record would almost certainly mean death. If not that, you would certainly get permanent brain damage. You could not get away with no brain damage after such a prolongued time with no sleep.



    Yes, you feel great because you are on drugs. Wait for some more time and you will see. The problem with using drugs and not sleeping is, even though you might not even feel the need for sleep while you are on it, it will hit you sooner or later. Oh boy, will it hit you hard. I must talk you out of this. It is unhealthy. I would feel responsible if I didn't try to talk you out. You are aware that you will suffer brain damage if you go through with this, right?


    Offtopic: It says he has 4 posts while he clearly has more. So, a glitch of some kind. Maybe the server needs some sleep too.

    Little Update:31 hours awake believe or not i am feeling more focussing I was know that you gonna say this all responsibility is mine...This is just an experiement and i am going to share my feelings while awake far as i can go in this kind platform.

  2. Do you realise that? Because I don't think you do.


    I don't see how it is wasting time, when your ability to function at your peak is wiped out the longer you stay awake for. Sure, you have more awake hours, but if you're doing less work badly then is it really worth it? Not to mention the fact that you're on medication, and of course the whole, this will kill you if you keep it up.


    Then you need to learn better time management. One exam is hardly cause to give up sleeping. Besides, you aren't going to pass anything on no sleep.

    how can i say this idk...I dont care if i die but i am not wasting my time as you think ..this is experiement and i am wondering how long my body keeps running.btw I feel great rn tho

  3. Some time last year or the year before when I was chasing the tail end of a few deadlines, I found myself having more work to do than time in the day. I ended up with two solid weeks of the following schedule: 10PM-6AM I would be writing, 6AM get ready for work, 7AM-4PM work, 5PM dinner, 6PM-10PM sleep. I cannot express to you the magnitude of exhaustion I felt by the end of it. It was honestly painful. There was always a period around dawn where the tiredness really hit me, to the point where I felt physically ill. I could often be found groaning with my head on my desk for about half an hour at this time. You just can't function on a normal level with that little sleep, and no sleep at all is obviously way worse. You're slower to react to your surroundings, your wits are basically lost to the sands of time, and you're clumsy and scattered.


    I've done no sleep for a few consecutive nights also, some time during my honours year around thesis time. Can't say I experienced any hallucinations or too much paranoia. I just remember generally feeling really unwell.


    OP: this is a ridiculous and unsafe idea. What on Earth makes you think that people are lying to you when they tell you that no sleep for such extended periods is life threatening?

    I know this is a dumb idea but im a dumb person..only things thats keeps me awake is "modiwake" ik that...But we humans wasting our half time while sleeping...This is sucks u know ..And i have important things to do

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