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    ikr xD we have a long time to step over right ?

    Are you really trying to argue with a person who is claiming he is about to be awake for the rest of his life?

    Yes, if the rest of his life will be about 10 days.


    Don't try it, you can hurt your brain and you can actually suffer permanent damage, not to mention death if you make it through for a long time. I realize you will probably fall asleep before that, but still, it's worth mentioning

    you are worrying about me thats good...But i just wanna proof something cuz after end of the day 2 you are not going to feel tired plus: you gonna feel more productive

  2. My goal: keep the brain high functionality while far as i can go without sleep

    FAR AS...

    World record is 11 days...keep in mind

    28 hour without sleep DONE

    yes i know i have no life...But nikola tesla2

    or other great minds

    im going too far

    cuz i am crazy af

    and i am not proud of this

    but i cant stop myself ...

    url deleted -> this is my twitch and i am live...so if you dont believe me you can talk to me for the proof of the "am i really live or not"(if you dont believe me)


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