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  1. 3 minutes ago, studiot said:

    Hi, It's good to think seriously about the future.

    Here are a few things you need to know.

    Most colleges/universities that teach engineering degrees have a 'common core' for the first year for mechanical, aeronautical, automotive, production, civil, building services and so on.

    One bonus of this is that it is easy to switch after the first year if you decide to change the emphasis of your studies, when you specialise.

    The studies will include the basics of mechanical science, materials science, electrical science, engineering mathematics, engineering computing and so on.


    The computing element will be about the use of computers.
    Specialist computing courses will be about the design of the software that engineers (and others) use, and/or the design of the computers themselves.


    It is not usual to get several first degrees (Batchelors) for several reasons.
    The usual route is first degree then a higher degree - a Masters (which may be in accounting or business and taken after a few years industrial experience)
    Remember much of the art of engineering is about best use of money.

    The other reason is that full/top professional qualifications for most engineering disciplines used to be available at Batchelor degree level, but have now been elevated to require Masters.


    Does this help?

    Please ask if you have further questions.



    Ok then I only need to do the common core once then I can get a few degrees elsewhere right?  Is it enough to just get a lot of bachelors in engineering and at least 1 or 2 masters?

    So best use of money is to make sure I get a degree and or degrees that help me achieve the goal I want to reach with out spending more to get to many masterys if its not cost effective?

    A master's is how many years I forgot?

  2. I plan on getting some engineering degrees, so I can become an inventor and invent things to change the world for the better as well as sell products and offer free products on the open marketplace and to non-profits so that the world can be better off than I found it.

    I have long dreamed of doing this and hope to accomplish this as it is a dream I hold close to my heart. Anyway I will be attempting through science and technology to create tech that improves the lives of everyone rich or poor regardless of status or monetary allotment.

    I will also find ways to work on provisional patents for upgrades and updates to and add-ons to many of the current patents are there from a legal standpoint as well as contacting owners of said patent once work is completed.

    I do not care for when I have gone into deep discussion of said goal with people the label of mad scientist, rather I think it is erroneous to think that only companies and teams can do legitimate science if you get the appropriate training and experience once can do real science.

    I do plan on vetting all my work with the science community but for business reasons and because people are people I won't vet it tell I have completed the work and am sure it works beforehand. I will have it copyrighted and protected as well as made known in the media.

    I have to protect the ideas I come up with just imagine if I do make something to change the world and it's complete and someone else takes the credit for it, I would be sad and angry.

    The main purpose of this op is to discuss my plans in a open an reasonable way I will not talk about not discuss if I am a mad scientist or not I am just here to discuss in the op inventing from a science perspective.

    I am a big fan to Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

  3. Hi all, my questions are as follows... When going to college is it possible to get a mathematical

    Engineering degree with an emphasis in computer science and computer engineering as well as mechanical engineering? 

    I need a degree that will cover these four fields reasonably or is mathematical engineering enough?

    Also, will have to get multiple Degrees?


    Which simply means that the burden of proof is on the person proposing the new physics - not the mainstream community. He has to show enough solidity to get people interested, and then if the idea is worthy it will take flight.

    Finally, A glimmer of hope in a harsh environment.

  5. This may seem simple, after all, I am an amateur scientist but, I like this theory on steam engines!


    So here is my question would A 8 cylinder pressurized air and water turbine engine built with a unique iron and aluminum alloy frame generate enough


    horsepower to power a car in super compact funneled in air and water energy source , to power the car with a generator for the electric controls such as the wheel of


    the driver seat the gas and brake pedal and radio etc?

  6. "If we must change existing laws of nature or propose new laws to account for an observation, it is almost certainly wrong." - Quote


    This part of the post means you have limited or quite possibly closed or clamped shut the idea of the current laws we have not ever being wrong.

    What happens when you are presented with something that is correct and verifiable that adds to the laws or even requires a revision of what is known based on the exception to the rule found.


    Yet, of course, this person would get a noble prize and change history yet he could get ignored due to the error of something having no president and people being unwilling to change their mind set on something.


    It's almost akin to when people take on myths as fact some may not be true some may be half truths and some true yet the person hold on to it even if they are wrong. It is possible to be wrong with something that is considered fact when something valid brings new light to the issue at hand after all isn't that what inspiration and innovation are all about in science.

    I believe an observation is not infallible for it has been said we do affect the outcome of experiments in quantum theory so then that can ring true elsewhere I believe.

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