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  1. I certainly didn't "downvote" you (though I am now sorely tempted to). My question that you refer to was a general one addressed to anyone who reads the thread.
  2. How long since anyone here even saw anything other than a flat screen monitor or TV?
  3. You can get a patent for any old rubbish - you just have to convince the examiner that it is original. (And pay the fee.)
  4. It really doesn't matter what you think, but it might be better if you gave some sort of indication that you do think.
  5. I will still be in the real world - not something pulled at random from Lalalala Land.
  6. I believe that if I drop this stone I am holding, it will fall down. When is that going to become wrong?
  7. Your original post says: So I assume you find something strange about it and want answers - well, the answer is no.
  8. Who gives a toss what "ethnicity" (whatever that means) an actor is - the important part is how good they are at acting.
  9. If you don't have a problem with it, then why are you bothering to start a thread about it?
  10. So where is your problem with the paper?
  11. This does not say that taking of oxytocin is enforced. It says (quite plainly) that oxytocin enforces a particular type of behaviour.
  12. Possibly a lurker. I think just about everyone who contributes to this thread is far more likely to openly disparage a poor post.
  13. Well weather is totally chaotic - so your idiotic entity could have nothing to do with that. Sex, probably evolved as a way to get more rapid genetic variation - and any sexual species without attraction between the sexes is not going to last very long. (Incidentally, the main bulk of the world population does not have sex - only complex organisms - and not all of those.)
  14. This sort of childish whining is one of the things most likely to induce me to give you a -1. As strange said "Grow up.".
  15. Plenty of all of those in science. Ever heard of Chaotic Systems?
  16. We did it all the time just heat the casing- or cool the shaft - gives a nice interference fit - can be bit of a bugger to get apart again though.
  17. You are just saying: I don't understand it - therefore **MAGIC**". (Incidentally, where does something like the giant squid fit into your "hierarchy"? It's obviously far above your goldfish (and, arguably above humans too - how much of the world is ocean?).)
  18. If you want to force 7,000,000,000 people to look at an infamous symbol of greed and bad taste forever then maybe you deserve whatever you get.
  19. The experiment would be to see if I could locate (and effect a physical result on) a specific person in an alien country without ever moving from home. (Can I buy a cruise missile on internet?)
  20. If they have such beliefs then they cannot be perfectly rational. On the other hand, I have never met anyone who is. I don't think I am - I would probably turn into a pink unicorn and vanish if I was.
  21. Perhaps it was your mis-spelling of "Schrödinger"? There do seem to be a number of grammar and spelling pedants around these days. (Why on earth do you think somebody is trying to "SILENCE" you just because they give you a -1? Some people carry on happily with their reputation well into the negative.}
  22. I would take his toys off him before he had a chance to uglify the moon.
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