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  1. QUOTE : "But when you discover that this being has no limitation, be it such a small problem as forgetting to say "thank you" or killing half the world's population, God knows it, understands it, and can fix it. However, it is hard for people to recognize that this is a place of free will--where we learn to be gods. We learn to qualify God's energy. People then complain, kick, scream, and whine (some people, not all) about all the problems and seeming flaws, "Why doesn't God help us and fix everything? Why doesn't he come down in some physical form and indulge us in such an idolistic presence?"


    It's interesting that you've put 'to qualify God's energy' in that the idea and experience of reaching 'God Head' is neither good or bad, it runs in between the two. It's kind of experiencing the feeling of complete understanding - but I stress it's a feeling, and the result of the experience is my sudden compulsion for answers and also have applied it to my music et.c and the results have been highly positive.


    It by no means gives you any definite answers as I'm not convinced I have the capacity to understand the answers, hence I'm now investigating the physics and cosmology to correlate my experience. What I would say is that is impossible to really state what good or bad really is - it's more of a question of balance.


    If everyone strived to do good due to experiencing this feeling of total understanding - and given that my theory relies on consciousness being the very thing that governs the universe, then the universe would break down (assuming we had that kind of control). For example an electron cannot exist without a positron (anti-electron) - now neither can be determined as good or bad they are just the complete opposite.


    It's has also been proved that there is more matter than anti-matter - there is more order on earth than disorder otherwise we would of all killed each other by now, as you can see there is a reflection on events and the make up of the universe. If however, either of these swung slightly out of balance, everything would break down. It's a sad fact (if it is fact) but bad things have to happen (or what we perceive as bad) and there's really nothing we can do about it. If we did manage to break our physical ties and go floating around hyperspace sorting problems out that affected earth, then these would be have to be replaced by more problems. I think it's a case of understanding our existence rather than striving to change our existence, though please don't take that as though I think everyone should sit back and let things run there course, there are many atrocities I believe we have to sort out otherwise an in-balance would proceed due to our in-difference.

  2. I have been searching for answers to consciousness and have noticed it has been conveniently over looked in theories to understand our universe, and however much we understand about our physical surroundings it doesn't answer why we have the ability to plan events, look back on events and manipulate events.


    Consciousness must be an entity in itself, in that there is no particle, wave or photon in the know universe that has this ability.


    I'm by no means religious, and have always required proof to back a theory up albeit Heisenberg's uncertainty principle proved there is no way of recording both the velocity and position of a particle. However we seem to discount the thousands of years of religion as forms of control, as ignorant (due to the understanding of the universe in the past) and as something that goes against science. We should look at the practices that forms of religion entail, and one specific and obvious observation is getting together - to feel unified whether it's a football match or going to a festival. Apart from a few exceptions where understanding of this subject could probably help anti social behavior and alienation of one's self.


    These practices of congregation, sharing the same experience I would argue, have not evolved subconsciously through our evolution but they were there in the first place because consciousness has to exist parallel to our physical reality otherwise we would not have the ability to look back on events and manipulate future events, it has to exist separately in order for us to step back and observe are actions.


    Of course through mind techniques such as meditation, mantra chanting, use of ethnogens it’s possible to strip your physical reality down so all you experience is consciousness, and in this state there are no limits to where your consciousness can travel as space-time is something we exist outside of (and we can be aware of this so long as we induce the correct state).


    Bearing in mind our will for unification (perceived today as acceptance) but not fully understanding why we have this will, and the fact that a lot of this is dismissed due to a growing atheist society it’s never become a solid form of progression.


    We have concentrated on our immediate physical reality, and although I believe we were supposed to go down this path to a point – invention of computers / digital communication has helped in understanding the universe around us, but we have not explored the full potential of our consciousness, and as all the observations when we reach higher states are experienced subjectively it’s an impossible thing to divulge as fact, as there are no physical elements to observe, it’s just word of mouth if you like.


    The most startling element is that if consciousness exits outside of perceived space-time then it’s probable that it can exist before and after space-time, it doesn’t coincide with thermal dynamics as disruption builds we always have the ability to smooth out these disruptions, create order (to a point…we do not fully understand the universe to make it perfect) and it’s consciousness itself that I believe has created order in the first place, and now we’re trying to work out something we created. In essence we are a product of God and God is a product of us at the same time.


    There are boundless paths to travel when stripping your physical reality down, and infinite dimensions to glimpse and ponder at, all products of our own imagination, and although sometimes these paths are scary they’re just misunderstood and that’s all fear is – something we don’t understand…so it’s nonsensical that we shouldn’t explore paths that we feel shouldn’t be investigated.


    There are no limits now to the experiences and emotions that I come across, and since I reached a glimpse of what I was told (not through words, the information was there in the first place, it just needed to be unlocked) was the place I was going to go when I died, and it is a feeling of unification with everything…and I mean everything…as we are everywhere and always have been.

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