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  1. I read an article a while ago that at Loch Ness they used to coax Nessy to the surface with prawn crackers in order to take photographs. I guess the skepticism made Nessy look further afield.
  2. Yes' date=' the birth rate of Chavs in the UK has risen to 3 a nanosecond. Chavs as far as the eye can see. Please see 'regional dialect / slang' thread under general discussion for definition of a chav. I did just write a lengthy paragraph of my thoughts on this subject...but it just goes onto the philosophical debate as to whether all people should have the right to survive, because essentially everyone has the potential to make a difference to the world...or that there should be restricitions to this ever growing fickle consumer society that are wasting our resources and demanding more all the time (and companies responding)...whether that's a direct result of the eradication of 'natural selection' or not, it appears to be a trait of the majority who probably wouldn't have survived under different circumstances. Of course 'the survival of the fittest' has gone out the window due to medicine, animal conservation et.c but it's an ethical situation which you can't really win. It's in our interest to protect our species and others, it just means anybody can survive regardless of disability, IQ et.c Our resources will deplete to cope with demand and we'll just have to pick up the pieces when it's probably too late.
  3. Speed of light is constant...space-time is equated using the speed of light.
  4. Have sympathy for the poor guy, he obviously has a nipple between his legs...and...yeaugh...have you ever thought of doing a photo shoot for bizarre magazine.
  5. That's one definition, though that'll be implying that any lifeform that isn't 'self aware' might as well be unconcious (for want of a better word.) but I think you get my point. I think there are levels of consciouness experienced by different life forms, ours just happens to be more intense...probably a lot to do with the way we communicate et.c It's an ongoing philosophical debate, and is really what metaphysics has become...the study of 'being'. Though it seems a lot of people think metaphysics is just another term for pseudoscience...it's not. Going back to topic...I think you need to reiterate your question, in what respect are you talking about the lowest level of consciousness.
  6. Thanks for the explanation Severian, so they affect each other... the string theory explanation for gravity seems more logical to me in that case, albeit I only understand the theory's basic principles.
  7. Synthesis of waveforms could be regarded as science...if you understand about adding harmonics to a raw sine wave and know what you're going to get then science is applied before the creation of music. Musical styles crossing over et.c isn't scientific.
  8. I agree, I remember reading about gravitons (or the theory of gravitons) in a 'Brief of history of time' and remember finding it a little tenuous. I'm still under the assumption gravity is a result of the curvature of space-time. It's not a force in it's own right, it's an observable effect due to the universe's structure. (could be worded better...I'm trying to do four things at once at the moment.)
  9. I thought this was hilarious, especially for revenge purposes...and walk into the wall again, and walk into the wall again, and walk into the wall again. http://www.forbes.com/technology/personaltech/2005/08/04/technology-remote-control-humans_cx_lh_0804remotehuman.html
  10. Ah, the good ol' days...if you overlook the word 'everything'...that's just wrong.
  11. Yikes...that sounds like a scenario from Jerry Springer. You're right the majority can't be sensible with such things, but statistcally I think alcohol is far worse...drunk driving, violent behaviour when people leave pubs, alcohol poisioning et.c hospitals in England wouldn't be struggling for beds if wasn't for the amount of cases they get through alcohol abuse. The UK is infamous for it's drinking culture. It's down to each person though. I've never met anyone who has become dependant. Everyone blames the substance, if grass wasn't available then people would use something else, if you have an addictive personality then that's something to be treated psychologically. If your friend is wanting a boob job over making their child happy, then that's the kind of person that just want's, want's want's...that has nothing to do with smoking grass.
  12. Light being our only constant to accurately measure time over distance. Even if a fly perceived light to be travelling slower over a given distance it would still be relative to a fly's clock. (Obviously fly's don't see light slowed down, otherwise they'd be practically teleporting everywhere...or moving so fast that we couldn't see their movement.)
  13. Fair comment and I agree, in hindsight the paragraph is a little misleading to what relativity proposes...it's really quite vague.
  14. Sorry Danny8522003, I was actually agreeing with you. I should of made that clearer. I still think the debate relates with relativity, just as the opening paragraph on relativity describes... The Theory of Relativity is the celebrated discovery of the physicist Albert Einstein. Originally, it was two theories: the Special Theory of Relativity came first in 1905 and states that the rate at which time passes is not the same all over the universe - it is dependent on the observer (in other words, it is relative). It is not hard to see that different people perceive the passing of time at a different rate to others: as we get older, less information is processed about our surroundings per second, so we perceive time to be going faster.
  15. Well that's a very constructive and thought provoking addition to the debate, a round of applause for Icheb.
  16. If a fly was watching a clock the second hand will appear to be going slower. I understand that relativity deals more with position rather than perception, e.g from the early observations of measuring the time it takes light to reach an observer you will always get readings that are relative to your position...common sense. And due to Pauli's exclusion theory this is true on an atomic level. I just forgot that if events are indeed perceived slower then obviously the measurable increments of time are slower to the observer (when using a clock for reference). The 2nd law of thermal dynamics still holds so as I said in my first post it bears no consequence how time is perceived, I just found it interesting that something exists in the same framework but perceives events to be slower...relative to the observer.
  17. It lowers your blood sugar levels, that's why you get the 'munchies'. It's why sometimes you can have dizzy spells (if you're using and your blood sugar levels are slightly down)...similar to what diabetes sufferers experience. I think it should be used for medicinal purposes...it's clearly not as harmful as opiates or alkaloids used in hospitals for pain relief and recovery, and not physically addictive. Making it legal for anyone would be rubbish, as already mentioned chemicals maybe added and government tax (just like cigarettes) plus it would lose the stigma...which adds to the fun, and culture of the substance.
  18. I actually liked Alan Rickman in 'Prince of Thieves', didn't Kevin Costner put a lot of effort into his English accent...!!! Christopher Walken in True Romance is also up there...very cold. Gary Oldman in Leon was also great...so many to choose from. I'll stick with Alan Rickman, though I thought he was rubbish in Dogma, albeit he wasn't a villain.
  19. I know it's a little off topic, but is it true that cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion, or is this just a myth ?
  20. Hello I'm Snail, thought it was time I disclosed a bit more info about myself. I live in a caravan, am covered in slime and am a hermaphodite...I actually live in a nice three bedroom house with my mates, by the beach and am purely here for learning and seeing if any of my ideas aren't completely bonkers. I love travel, though havn't for nearly a year now due to financial constraints...sigh, only 161 countries to go ! My passion is music, particularly using synths and samplers...played the guitar from an early age...and yes I can shred, and am starting a production company in a couple of months. I'm also an avid festival goer. I love the sciences although am clearly not an expert in any particular field...I try to be as logical as possible, and love hearing about any cutting edge technology or new discoveries. I've got a dull day job, but it's made up for with other pursuits and yes I do own some giant african land snails (if you were wondering about the name.) I was actually quite useless at science at school, and am really a creative person (good at illustration / music et.c) but I'm trying to change that (the science bit that is.) A lot of the introductions are very non-descript, so I thought I'd waffle a bit...I think it's better to know a bit of background to the person you're replying to. cheers Snail
  21. I stand corrected...said the man in orthopedic shoes.
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