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  1. On my recent thread on conspiracies, it was posted in the politics section, and it was about politics. As I said in the intro, SOME conspiracies are true, eg, Bay of Pigs, Watergate, plots to kill Castro, etc. All accepted history, fully documented and undisputed. A full list would be huge. 

    So why is this SUBJECT treated as rubbish, when some of it is verified history? Some are rubbish, some are not. 

    Today we have a journalist murdered in the Saudi Embassy being discussed on the news. Is it rubbish because it implies a conspiracy?

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    2. swansont



      Moderator Note

      1. You should have asked for evidence, rather that reasons why you think one is true.

      2. This is a topic that should be discussed in the forums, not in status update.

    3. mistermack


      It's put up to be shot down or debated or added to. My post was meant to inform people of new evidence and developments, and invite other views. A lot of people are not aware that the last official investigation concluded a probable conspiracy, or a second shooter.

      re 2. The thread was closed, so I couldn't discuss it in the forum. 

      I'm not whinging about a closed thread, I just think it's missing a chunk of history to exclude a whole class of discussion, but I can see the slippery slope downside too, as stringjunky pointed out. 

    4. swansont



      Moderator Note

      Closed in the forum means closed everywhere. Status updates are not a way around thread closures, or forum rules. And I was referring to the reason the thread was closed. It's not appropriate for status update.

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