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  1. There's a lot of controversy surrounding "fake news". Is it possible to weaponize artificial intelligence to create (fake) news story based on the official narratives?
  2. I refer to materialism as the idea that matter is the only reality. What do you think about this concept of the quantum mind ? http://opensciences.org/about/manifesto-for-a-post-materialist-science
  3. Can the quantum mechanics (QM) theory disprove scientific materialism by providing evidences of quantum nonlocality in biological systems?
  4. I just found it this paper about neural communication through (quantum) coherence: And here's a relevant citation on the definition of "neuronal computation" according to the CTC hypothesis: Lastly, this excerpt suggests a interplay between effective (synaptic) connectivity and neuronal phase coherence:
  5. tkadm30

    Not again...

    Dude, how do you want me to present you the stuff that they don't want you to read/observe? Explain to me at least why you think artificial terrorism is not relevant to violent radicalisation/extremism ?
  6. really, I like your sense of humour. English is not my main language. I try my best to provide a coherent and functional language to make abstractions of concepts/ideas relevant to things like neuronal phase coherence. I read scientific papers all the time in english. For me learning new things while being high is a very satisfactory (rewarding) experience. I use online forums to discuss with friends and the scientific community.
  7. tkadm30

    Not again...

    I think the generalized ignorance on artificial terrorism in media narratives is poorly understood. How far are we in understanding the neural correlates of violent radicalisation in our digitalized society ? Is it possible to weaponize artificial intelligence to create (fake) news story based on the official narratives?
  8. I have tried to rationalize my ideas on experimentally accessing the subconscious system via pharmacological activation of endocannabinoid signaling. I think cannabis is a pragmatic learning tool especially useful to do experimental investigations on the psychology of altered states of consciousness. I'm not trying to post a bunch word salad... I'm aiming at both general users and technical users interested in neuroscience and cannabis research to participate in a constructive manner on the implications of neural synchronicity and synaptic connectivity in the neuromodulation of consciousness. I hope this helps.
  9. I have never observed an aggressive behavior from playing video games. I concluded that the effects of playing video games on aggressivity may be inherently predetermined by genetic factors.
  10. I agree that the scientific evidences of a correlation between video games and violence are poorly defined. In my opinion, playing video games may decrease violence as the user directs any behavioral aggressivity towards a video game rather than someone else.
  11. An observational evidence relates to the perceptual mind to construct viable hypotheses. The capacity of our imagination and creativity to represent abstract observational data is my opinion not a mental disorder but a function of our subconscious system in representing reality.
  12. Music appreciation and cannabis usage may differentially affect long-range synchrony in the gamma-band. Although it has been reported that cannabis disrupts neural oscillations in the gamma-band, I argue that cannabis may "fine-tune" neural synchrony by enhancing musical perception. In contrast, atypical antipsychotics may reduce the power of gamma oscillations associated with learning and cognitive functions.
  13. The Beck paper is a famous study about interneuronal/synaptic quantum tunnelling in brain activity: It argue the role of synaptic exocytosis as a quantum-like regulator of neurocomputation.
  14. Providing evidences is not the way science works. This is just a unilateral policy that dictate how should I discover the truth in my observations. It is harassment to consistantly require evidences checking to validate a experimental observation. You guys seriously need to use your imagination and creativity to search (the Internet) for "evidences" and connections. I do not need empirical evidences to do legitimate investigations: I have a scientific method and legitimate reasons to investigate my local observations.
  15. The enhanced cortical computation by gamma-band synchronicity is a quantum phase transition of interneuronal activity. (known as "synaptic quantum tunnelling") I suppose neuronal phase coherence (synchronicity) is a form of quantum computation by phase-transition-driven exocytosis.
  16. I'm deeply fascinated by science. Learning new knowledges from science is the best leisure I know.
  17. I'm just observing a form of moderation and control on Internet forums based on unilateral scientific radicalisation of experimental research. Is experimental research prohibited on the Internet? This form of elitism appears to me as detrimental to the neutrality of science.
  18. Cortical computation is the capacity to the prefrontal cortex to neuromodulate/fine-tune optimal synaptic connectivity.
  19. Do you want to argue that my observations of clandestine geoengineering activity are cognitive abnormalities? I'm new to this forum. I have not done extensive research of geoengineering in this forum so far. I'm sick of this harassement to require unilateral evidences of observable scientific phenomenons. Observability of abstract phenomenons is experimental research. I think we should not prohibit experimental research on the assertion that evidences do not exist.
  20. Haha, thats a good one... i think neural synchronicity and synaptic quantum tunnelling are implicated in the neuromodulation of exocytosis, promoting enhanced cortical computation.(Phase coherence and synchronicity are two sides of the same coin.)
  21. The radicalisation of modern science is an important ethical issue. I think we should not let the Internet become a elite tool to enforce, control, and moderate experimental research based on unilateral ideology. For example the radicalisation of geoengineering is a idea which should be discussed freely to identify the risks and consequences of this classified activity. When evidences are not provided by the author of a posting, I guess its pretty easy to use Google and search without harassing the author of false claims. Furthermore, threats are not welcome as formal method to provide any feedback on a post. I guess civilism applies also to "moderators" of the forum.
  22. I suggest you first complete your education to understand the neurocomputational capacity of the brain. I don't claim to have deep knowledge on things below the threshold of my consciousness. Your emotionality reflects well the state of ignorance you are in when replying with such nonsense.
  23. Thanks for your reply and links. I have not understood yet how neuronal phase coherence correlates to enhanced cortical computations. I suspect that neuronal synchronicity in the gamma band neuromodulate conscious/subconscious processes.
  24. Vitamin D is a natural ACE-inhibitor essential to parasympathetic stimulation and serotonergic control of hypertension.
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