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  1. LOL...This thread reminds me of the line Rainman used when he Jeff's new woman......"Are you on any prescription medication?"


    Only stuff I take besides Centruum Chewey Adult Vitamins is the occasional Ibuprofen or Tramadol when any of my various old sports and MA injuries flare up. Of course IBU is available otc but I get these bigass 800mg footballs from the VA. As I do the Tramadol.


    Be careful with the bigass 800mg Ibuprofen pills. Ibuprofen in large doses has been linked to increased cardiac arrest risk...




    The discovery of mirror neurons in human brains is probably critical to quantum biology.


    Some evidence of that would be nice.



    You talk like a physicalist who ignores the reality of non-physical mind/matter connections.

    Some evidence of the non-physical mind would be nice.




    1. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960982210003271

    2. http://www.manyworldsoflogic.com/mindbody.html

  3. Interesting idea. It explains some sociopaths, who could I reckon be considered mad, and they are incapable of feeling empathy, let alone sympathy.


    But you'd have to better define your definition of had before I could drive any deeper into my take on your hypothesis.


    And we just remember to that lack of empathy would not be a exclusive requisite for madness. Oops, I mean a contradictory one. By that I mean, there are plenty of mad souls out there who DO empathize and sympathize.


    Or do you disagree with that?


    Thanks. Very intriguing idea you have here.




    I agree. A lack of empathy/sympathy doesn't imply necessary a "psychiatric disorder". However, a disorder in the mirror neuron system could result in psychosis-like symptoms.



    I'm fairly certain this supercomputer doesn't "understand" the emotionality of empathy.


    We humans have this capacity to learn to speak chinese in our infancy. Artificial intelligence is the product of years of research and development but still lack the capacity to express shared feelings.

  5. Science, religion, racism, technology, politics...are evolutionary traits which are present in many animals.

    Because they evolved and developed differently it looks like those are properties of humans.

    The fact that we are animals should be sufficient evidence for this.


    -Many species use some kind of tools.(technology)

    -When an animal has a bad experience with someone from an other species, he will (to increase his chance to survive) threat all animals from that species as the one he had a bad experience with, the same....this causes racism.

    -Racism and other unscientific beliefs can lead to religion. Science evolves via unscientific beliefs.

    -Animals teach/learn how to use tools, how to hunt/gather food, what to eat...animals teach/learn science.

    -Animals which live in group have often a hierarchy...which leads to politics.


    What do you think of this?


    Try to find a squirrel that can use the Internet... :blink:


    "Animals teach/learn science"


    You seems to confuse the animal kingdom with Homo sapiens.

  6. So what? That has nothing to do with quantum physics and it is a mechanical artefact of the evolution of the brain. It is how we work.


    When we empathise with another, we look at their face, their body language, we see a smile and think 'happy' and feel a slight copy of that emotion - that is empathy. You can say that this is due to mirror neurons, but they fire because of info fed to them from sensory perception from the eyes, ears and nose etc.. . It isn't a mind link between the 2 brains. Frankly to suggest that is just idiotic as we have tested for that stuff for many years and never found a single bit of proof for it. There is nothing that suggests that at all. The only ones that claim mind links, telepathy and the supernatural are these new age morons that like to mix scientific sounding words into their word salads to try to further confuse their mark.


    Basically - people that pedal such nonsense either know that they are talking crap but just don't care because it makes them money, or they are the fools that believe it and part with their money on so called alternative treatments and books about made up crap. Same with homeopathy peddlers - all of them are either fools or con men. Which camp are you in?


    I'm not pretending that mirror neurons are the source of Love. The discovery of mirror neurons in human brains is probably critical to quantum biology. You talk like a physicalist who ignores the reality of non-physical mind/matter connections. Quantum biology is a emerging field in quantum mechanics. You better get used to it or quit. You cannot compare QM and Homeopathy. The latter is a pseudoscience while the former is based on General Relativity... Which camp are you in?

  7. Even if it is something to do with this limbic system - it is still biological. That quantum garbage is nonsense.


    I believe the so-called "limbic resonance" is correlated with optimal neural synchronicity. Emotional resonance energy (ie: Love/Empathy) is triggered from mirror neurons.

  8. The source of Love may be regulated by the shared neural activation (resonance) of our limbic system:



    Limbic resonance is the idea that the capacity for sharing deep emotional states arises from the limbic system of the brain.[1] These states include the dopamine circuit-promoted feelings of empathic harmony, and the norepinephrine circuit-originated emotional states of fear, anxiety and anger.[2]

    The concept was advanced in the book A General Theory of Love (2000), and is one of three interrelated concepts central to the book's premise: that our brain chemistry and nervous systems are measurably affected by those closest to us (limbic resonance); that our systems synchronize with one another in a way that has profound implications for personality and lifelong emotional health (limbic regulation); and that these set patterns can be modified through therapeutic practice (limbic revision).[3]:170


    See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limbic_resonance

  9. The discovery of mirror neurons (twenty years ago) in the brain on macaque monkeys is controversial.


    In particular, the biological mecanism of "shared neural activations" has been proposed as a model to understand the concept of "cognitive empathy".


    What if human consciousness can sense the mental states of others by expressing empathy? Can we teach artificial intelligence to share empathy with humans?

  10. The answer is yes.


    But synaptic plasticity improves memory whether or not it's genetic. Why would an inherited genetic predisposition have anything to do with it?


    I was thinking cognitive memory to be independent from synaptic plasticity since memory formation is mediated by DNA.


    Hence, could there be a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer disease?

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