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  1. I would gladly consider psychiatry a science (as opposed to a pseudoscience) if the diagnosis would rely on biological testing. For the most part, modern psychiatry is based on subjective interpretrations of psychology without careful examination of the neural correlates of the psychiatric symptoms.


    Psychiatry is also a form of mystical alchemy as the treatments (ie antipsychotics) are not based on empirical evidences of the pathology but on superstitious beliefs of the effectiveness of the drug.


    The quantum oscillations of the DVB molecules were transmitted to the other bilin molecules

    in nthe complex, at distances 20 Angstr¨oms apart, as if these molecules were connected

    by springs. The authors of [19], therefore, suggested that distant molecules within the

    photosynthetic proteins are ‘entangled’ together by quantum coherence (“coherently wired”

    is the used terminology) for more efficient light harvesting in marine algae. In other

    words, by exploiting such correlations, the biological cell ‘quantum calculates’ – within the

    decoherence time scale (3) – which is the most efficient way and path to transport energy across

    macroscopically large distances of order of a few nm (path optimization). Some authors would

    interpret this behaviour as a prototype of ‘quantum computation’, although personally I believe

    we are rather far from rigorously demonstrating this.





    The only references to "synaptic hypercomputation" that I can find are your forum posts on the subject. (And someone by the name of Etienne Robillard posting almost identical comments.) So is there any evidence that such a mechanism exists?


    It has been reported that "critical systems often exhibit optimal computational properties", so the emergence of biological hypercomputation in living organisms may not be so uncommon.



  4. Dopamine and serotonin are essential monoaminergic neurotransmitters implicated in the neuromodulation of the subconscious system.


    The pharmacological regulation of dopamine and serotonin via cannabinoids (THC) administration may enhance synaptic hypercomputation (SH), a novel neurocomputational mecanism to access the subconscious system on-demand.


    Accessing the subconscious system through synaptic hypercomputation is probably relevant to monoaminergic connectivity and schizophrenia. Furthermore, dopamine disconnectivity has been implicated in the pathology of schizophrenia.


    However, the relationship between schizophrenia and synaptic connectivity is poorly understood. Could cannabinoids be used as part of an antipsychotic treatment for enhancing interneuronal synaptic connectivity ?



  5. I have schizophrenia diagnosis but I don't hear any voices in my head. My personal investigation on the subject led me thinking about the "microwave-induced auditory effect". Pulsed microwaves can induce a auditory evoked potential in the brain, which can be perceived as "voices".

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