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  1. Nice find. We do have some politicians who are way too politically correct. I wonder whether I can find which one it was to judge whether it was religion or political correctness which inspired the vote.
  2. It is different, since there is no (or very little) falsifiability left. I agree completely that it would be better to drop it completely, but I definitely prefer a flavour that does not interfere with science. It might have been a survival strategy. Could you name a precedent?
  3. In a secular country such as Belgium: yes. When our King refused to sign our very liberal abortion law on religious grounds, he was simply dethroned for a couple of days to resolved the issue. That was 30 years ago. Let's shake hands and forget about the mutual accusations.
  4. Then there is perhaps a required step before multicellularity which is hard. There must* be some extremely unlikely step involved, otherwise it would not have taken billions of years. * for relevant probabilities of "must"
  5. We only have one data point, and not really random. It can suggest a couple of things about the probability: - abiogenesis occurred very early and almost as soon as the circumstance was right. This would suggest that it is rather likely. - evolution to multicellular life occurred billions of years later. Either we live on an exceptionally rare planet were this step took much longer than average, or we live in an average planet, which makes it still pretty likely to occur on other planets around stars like our sun (stable for billions of years). The last option is that this step is exceptionally rare and we are lucky. Since billions of years is the same order of magnitude as the life of a planet, and since our data point is biased, we cannot rule out the possibility that it only happened once in the observable universe. To conclude: I would be very surprised if no signs of simple life will be found inmy lifetime, but I'm less optimistic about complex, multicellular life.
  6. It seems to work for them, and they no longer have any influence on science and scientific education, so why not. Ok... So being on-topic and offering a solution to the original question that seems to work fine for a lot of people is contrary and trolling? I would think that trolling is blocking any response and crying that you are right because you know best how all Christians should experience their religion. Perhaps you are less tolerant to moderate interpretations because you live in a less secular country such as the US? A line between the old and new testament is pretty clear. Not that I support it, but I see how one could hold such a position which doesn't contradict evolution. In my opinion it is the position which requires the least cognitive dissonance, but I may be biased because it is the position I am most familiar with.
  7. What are you talking about? This thread is about the possibility to accept both evolution and religion. What I offer is the Belgian flavour of Catholicism I grew up in (which I presumably know better than you), where there is no conflict as the old testament is regarded as metaphorical. I don't understand why you insist that that interpretation of the bible is impossible. It is not my interpretation; I think the new testament is mostly nonsense too. But that is not the topic of this thread.
  8. I am glad you decide for everyone what their religion is about.
  9. I can't remember it ever being about "the original sin" in my religious education. It was a metaphore for all the bad things humans do.
  10. If (the message of) Jesus is all that matters, the reason can be vague or missing. Why do you need to know the reason if God decided it was necessary? At least that is how I perceived it. Since I never really believed any of it, I might not be the best source.
  11. (Some) compression algorithms for video use previous frames to increase efficiency. That means the files as such cannot be played backwards. As stated above, the files can be converted to play backwards.
  12. Not really. There are many arguments why dinosaurs could very well have been warm blooded to varying degrees. While the argument is still going on, it is almost certainly true for the sauropods, which had their size to stabilise their temperature.
  13. I think there is too much focus on the old testaments here. The Christians I know only belief the parts about Jesus (I think those are called gospels). Everything else might have some foundation of truth and perhaps some morality but is not to be taken literally. The gospels contain less obvious contraditions with science. Individual miracles are impossible to falsify.
  14. I have been raised as Catholic: the old testament is hardly dealt with and presented more as stories rather than true, and hell and the devil didn't exist. The focus was on the new testament, which was unquestionably true. I guess it depends greatly on persons involved and on location. I live in one of the least religious countries in the world, so any hard stance would make the Church loose any support they still have. Today only about 50% of children in Catholic schools are baptised.
  15. For Hospitals and cinemas I see a possibility for a scanner in front of the elevator where you scan your ticket. In large companies perhaps a scanner for a visitors badge. As mentioned before, residential is an absolute no-go for safety and privacy reasons.
  16. Probably more like a heap of nonsense. At least that is my scientific prediction based on the evidence presented by your posting history. I was prepared to give you another chance, but you raced downhill faster than I expected.
  17. I thought it was long-established that the subconscious preprocesses information. Nothing shocking about it. What is it you want to discuss? (please drop the annoying bracket thing. Everybody knows two=2)
  18. This seems to be a more successful trend that I have seen as well: make selection outside the elevator and no (selection) buttons inside.
  19. Most companies require visitors to register before they enter any elevator and don't want any external to decide where to go on their own. They usually don't want internals to wander around without knowing where to go. In other words: I doubt there would be a big market for it, but I might be forgetting something. Hospitals perhaps?
  20. Suppose the gymnast is rotating around his vertical axis and forward for salto's. His actual rotation is a sum of the two. By pulling his arms close and stretching his legs, his rotational axis will approach his vertical axis. When he then makes himself wide and pulls his knees to his chest, his momentary rotational axis becomes almost horizontal.
  21. You could, but the transport would require energy too, so it would need to be incredibly efficient, otherwise you'd be expending more energy than the batteries can hold.
  22. We first need a material strong enough to make a cable that can support its own weight at that distance. Nanotubes are a candidate. Then we need to put an asteroid in geostationary orbit to attach the cable to. We also need superconductors to transport the electricity to the surface without the losses rendering the whole thing useless.
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