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  1. The fool on the hill, sees the sun going down, but the eyes in his head see a world spinning 'round.

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    2. Butch


      As I research it on web, it says mainly that no 2 fermions, in some and no 2 electrons in an atom for others... I have always gone the way of fermions. It does hold significance for my hypothesis... my enties could have same numbers since they have only gravitation, but the result would be catastophic... I believe I know however, why that can't happen.

    3. joigus


      Why don't you ask a question about the Pauli exclusion principle? 


      You can ask your question at:


      I would refrain from bringing up your a and b theory again, as the thread on that has gone down. 

    4. Butch


      Yes, I understand Pauli just fine, also, It was never my intent to debase the standard model... quite the contrary! If I can find EM expressed in my hypothesis, I will have a "road map" to guide me to connection with the standard model via relative quantities. 

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