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  1. "the energy of photoelectrons increases with increasing frequency of incident light and is independent of the intensity of the light"

    So the above statement would indicate the particle nature of a photon.


    Is the wave theory shown with the double slit experiment? But why does the wave like property have to belong to the photon? Why can it not be intrinsic to the fabric of the space through which the particle traverses, and that it is space that exhibits the wavelike properties rather than the photon, and that any single photon is rigidly attached to a single wave?

  2. Why can a photon not be described as a particle that is attached to a wave, and that these waves ripple through spacetime at the speed of light, independently of any particles

    Why does the wave need to be a property of the photon?

  3. What force makes time go "forwards"?

    As "now" evolves, how is yesterday manifested? Where is yesterday at? What form does the past assume?

    If yesterday is irretrievable, where has all the energy before "now" gone?

    Can time be accelerating as observed from extra dimensions, and yet appear constant from within spacetime?

    Could dark energy be a manifestation of time, past and future, within which information is retrievable to the present?

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