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  1. This might be a little irrelevant and completely wrong But i remember my global teacher mentioning that the anti-semetism was first startd by the church itself. As christians could not take interest on loans given to others ( mostly christian) and Jewish people could, they had an anti-semitic feeling. MAybe this is where hte stereotype comes from.

  2. I wrote an article about something and a person told me that Hitler wasn't actually christian. And he despised christianity.


    I searched about it and couldn't find any article about his religion. Most of htem give me about the crimes he committed and how he got to power.


    So could anyone help me, and please dont refer to wikipedia.. i really dont trust it.


    And apologies to the admin/mods if this is posted in wrong section



  3. Looks like spiral-wrapped leather to me.


    I swear to god I was going to say the same thing. It really does look like that. Iron taped around tightly with leather or a carbon fibre sheet.

    IF it helps then look up on google how to make a hose. Looks pretty much similar. ( saw in on "how its made" on discovery )

  4. Anyone seen Lady in the Water by Night Shayamalan? I love the last words by the writer with the glasses. I dont remember the exact thing but its that he believes that every story nowadays is the same. And he sees a wolf or something.. and he starts to narrate how he would turn his back, and rush to the door, and with split second accuracy the door would hit the creature and hurt him.

    But when he turns his back.. he just dies. :D

    IF taht didnt make sense.. watch the movie. lol.


    OK.. .so how abt this?

    how cold could it be in antartica? Im wearing a thin jacket.

    WTF was that????

  5. What do they put in those tags that make them stick up like that' date=' Viagra?


    And since geeks are the only ones who actually clip pens in their shirt pockets, wouldn't you think a geek would come up with something better? Pens that pop out of your secret decoder ring or something....

    There's the next money-maker, a pitcher with two spouts, the little one for just water, the big one on the side for water and ice. :D[/quote']


    I dont know wats up with those tags but I can sure explain the clip on the pens. Well i dont put them in my shirt, but in those small slit in hte jeans. There they come in handy coz they dnt fall out, otherwise they do. You just clip em on the slits or watever you call them ( the small pockets on the side.. or a loop ) and wuahala your done. Its better than putting in bag coz you have to find em, you have too much stuff to put in pockets already ( Even if you did the mechanical pencils really poke you places you dont want them to) and you can't put em in your shirt, coz thats just not cool. :D


    Oh and howcome no one mentioned the clap on lights. They are the biggest thing to hit us since sliced bread. :-O . I mean its perfect unless your disabled ( which i dont want to make fun off ). All you gotta do is clap. Man gotta get me one of those.

    And what about the electronic brushes. Aren't they something perfect. Just hold em there and the spinning thing does the work for you.


    P.S. ironically i was writing something similar on my blog yesterday night. Its about stuff that makes us lazy. :D

  6. I'm the worst carnivore there is and I won't kill an insect intentionally. I too hate people who just kill insects because they are there. I mean' date=' i could understand someone killing a bee (I won't... i actually petted one once :D) but why care about the three ants that happened to walk in your kitchen? and they spend fortunes to do so too!


    Me, insects bigger than 2 inches scare me though. in Haiti, cockroaches are that big, and I became terrified when i found out they could fly! This was about the same time that I found a mygale (sp?) in my room, which prompted me to use another room for about a month until we found it dead later on. even the big butterflies scare me...[/quote']


    Cockroaches suck. Cockroaches that can fly freak you out. I think I was 6 or 7 in london and in was an autumn evening. Maybe not autumn but sure was an evening. Well anyway my friends and I ( note the proper use of language, :P ) were playing tennis outside when this swarm of flying cockroaches ( not sure but i think they wer cockroaches ) literally attacked us. We held the resistance for some tim smacking them as hard as we could, but I guess numbers won. We had to retreat to the safety of our house.

    Lesson to be learnt: Never fight flying cockroaches.


    And you can find so many cockroaches in NY. OMG I never though they would be so many here. They creep me out. Spider and bees are next. Moths are still ok, they seem harmless. :embarass:

  7. Maybe the problem of depicting a country through film etc is that they show stuff that is entertaining. The whole purpose in the end is to sell the movie. And the best way to sell it is to make it appealing to the crowd. You can't really make a boring movie appealing because the crowd likes excitement and entertainment. So they might only show those faces of the country which are entertaining or amusing and not the other half which might be boring, but none the less true.

  8. I'm going to take AP American History next year. Anyone know how it is? And Pre AP English. Pre AP is like AP without the college credit. It's just to practice for A.P.

  9. Same here dude, too much T.V. Umm I like Futurama, Simpson, Family Guy, House, Monk, Psych, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Extreme Machines, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Discoveries This Week, How its Made and many more.

  10. Taking the world cup, soccer has been on my mind for some time.

    I was thinking of a formation which is rather unusual but I can't figure out if it is legal in soccer terms or not.

    Well my first formation was a Circle. This way the ball stays inside the circle, the opposing team cant get it unless they foul one of the players ( taking that the circle is tight enough.) But my brother suggested that if they pass it to each other behind a defender it would be offside.

    So i came up with a better plan. umm.. 1 player in center, 3 players on one side, 4 players on second side.. joining those sides, 1 player at both ends.

    looks like..


    / . \



    Something like that but more enclosed. The dot in the middle is the player with the ball. if they can be trained to run at a constant speed... then hte player can run with the ball without passing it, thus there is no chance of offside.

    I want to know if there is any other kinda illegal act committed.


    OH and BTW is there anyway i can contact FIFA about this and ask them.. not sure if thy will respond but still.

  11. Like many emerging nations, India has some very polarized extremes. It's very exciting that better education is making a difference for a richer life for some, and it's a shame that lack of education means staggering poverty for others.

    Agreed. It really depends on where you go and which part. Bombay.. where all the bollywood stars live, on the other hand it has the largest slum in the Asia.

    India has the largest railway system, but very poor condition.


    But its a beautiful place if you know it. No place like it.

  12. I couldn't agree more. But it's really not because of the manufacturers.. they dont really want to waste their ink but people who do lawsuits on them. A lady sued some fastfood placing selling hot coffee. Apparently she didnt have a cup holder so she put it in between her thighs and they got burnt.

  13. I don't think ITALY made the comment, and FRANCE didn't give the headbutt. Two stupid athletes, that's all.

    You really can't call them stupid athletes, they are much fitter than you and I together.. and maybe a few more people.

    @ severian: Yes i am jumping to conclusion. :D

  14. One of the other three refs on the field saw it on the field' date=' as opposed to the big screen and even though Elizondo didn't, and then reported it to Elizondo. This is what the press is saying. If you don't want to believe that, I understand; I don't always believe the press either.


    But do you mean that in the rules you can give people ultrahardcore headbutts during the game if the refs aren't watching...?!? If you are right, that is remarkable.[/quote']


    Rules say that the refs can only see stuff in action and decide on it, not depending on the camera. It's wrong to give people ultrahardcore headbutts during the game, but if the ref missed it then it's just your luck. I mean its like you committing a crime but if the cops don't get you, your free.


    I do believe that ref calls should have a second opinion to it, through camera preferably. I mean some of the calls made in the world cup were totally baseless and there was no need to call it. I am not saying that they should be perfect coz no one is, but with a second opinion from a camera it is much easier to spot the difference between a foul or just a tackle.


    And I believe that the press would favour FIFA

  15. Yes France did lose in style. I mean Italy won the world Cup but who reached the headlines. The FRENCH captain. And god that was a strong headbutt or the other guy was really weak.

  16. I liked France too. But please tell me why they deserved a penalty kick that didn't go over the line.


    I was talking about the foul in the box during the game. Not the PK's

    Oh and the refs probably saw it on the big cams in the stadium but they are supposed to see it in play.. so they had no place to give him a card if they didnt see it in action.

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