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  1. Months of being cautious, refraining from social happenings and travel, washing my hands 50 times a day and wearing a mask to the toilet and there we go - we both got Covid me and my partner. We are 4-5 days into it, the test results came in today. She's got a moderate fever (38,5C) and lost her taste and smell, I only lost my strength and I'm sleeping 2 hours during the day 3rd day in a row. We are both caughing a little, our 4.5 year old kid seems completely fine. Christmas is going to be really awesome this year, what a f joke 2020 is. I'm pissed as hell, the vaccine is just a couple weeks away and we didn't make it. 


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    2. koti


      @MigL, Ispoke to a virologist today, apparently I should get vaccinated as soon as possible regardless whether I have the anti bodies or not. Plus there is the new mutation in the UK which the current 3 vaccines should be working against at least for now. 

    3. MigL


      Starting on  Dec  26 my province ( Ontario ) is going under full lock-down, for at least a month. As far as I know, the mutations have had little effect on the spike configuration of the Coronavirus, so the vaccines should still work.
      Man, I can't wait for my vaccine injection !
      Until then, hope you and yours stay safe and healthy.

    4. koti


      @MigL We are at locdown here untill January 17th at least. I hope you get your vaccine soon, it looks like there is a chance we will be getting the Pfizer vaccine in January here. I would much prefer to get my immunity from the vaccine and not from Covid but it is what it is.

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