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  1. So we decided to relax a little after a busy month...baught new tires, we drove 490km one way to the seaside today (300 miles for the impared) to an airBnB place which is awesome, 300m form the seaside right at the main street at a resort (Sopot). Our 3 year old had a mild caugh when we were leaving, we consulted our pediatritian before we left and he said its a great idea to get him seaside air. So Peter decided to throw up all over the goddamn apartment a couple times and dance around after that. No fever, just a nasty caugh (I’ve had the same thing when I was a kid) Hes falling asleep right now and Im having whiskey. We also just found out that we cant stay the second planned night here so Im off to drive the 300 miles tomorow when I get sober. Wifey is pissed because she got her bra all over in vomit.

    1. MigL


      Ahh, family bliss...

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