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  1. Its been a week here, skin is peeling of my shoulders and I’m officialy an african with blue eyes. I also have indigestion from all the great food theyre serving to which I cant say no...and my feet are burnt. One more week of this „nightmare” and I can finally go back to normality. I’m half way through Frank Herbert’s „Dune” which I never read who knows why. Oh and I hate „Ouzo” with its aniseed taste @MigL

    1. MigL


      Ouzu is a 'poor mans' Sambuca.
      Love the aniseed flavor.
      Detest the sweetness.

      But, if you don't want any sugar in your espresso, it is a great substitute.

    2. Sensei


      "Dune" is entire series.. 6 very thick books... the higher index, the harder to get through them.. The first two are relatively easy.

    3. koti


      @MigL I fixed it with getting a bottle of whiskey in a store yesterday while we rented a car and checked out the island. Kos town is very beautiful with its narrow street caffe’s and small stores in the old town. The harbour is very nice too with its old style fishing boats and a few ~50mln dollar yahts. A perk of having an in your face 3 year old was him getting invited inside one of the huge yahts by a young arabic couple...I was stunned by whats inside, been to quite a few fancy hotel suites in my life but this thing was a whole another level. She was well spoken and educated, he was a complete moron but both very mild, easy going and happy (Duh) Fell asleep in the middle of my first drink yesterday, second attempt tonight, I have a feeling its going to work this time as someones PMS will not let me sleep soon anyway. Quiet day today, read for 10 hours strait, it did good to all three of us. „Kefalos” town is a dead place but still groovy with its beautiful streets and vibe. I struck a conversation with a very interesting gay store owner where I bought the booze. I liked it because he was able to synthesize his and his towns 55 years life in 10 minutes like a pro. At times like these I wish I was gay (without knowing my other self and all)

      @Sensei, I thought for about a minute about a reply to you. After considering all the angles I decided to thank you yet again for your valuable input. 

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