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  1. So we went to the "Equality Parade" here today downtown Warsaw with our 2 year old. 30C mid day, a very nice combination of various political/LGBT movements forming a great party like function with trucks playing music, body painted attractive people dancing, etc. Our 2 year old decided that he's going to take charge of the whole thing. He especially wanted to go up dancing with all the girls in bikinis and boys with six packs in one of the trucks...his hysteria stopped one of the trucks and one of the dancer girls had to come down to calm him down which ofcourse didn't work out. So we had a fight me and and my girl and we left pissed all three of us walking with the stroller to the car. Family life is such a blessing.

    1. nevim


      Bad luck man, hope it’s better now.

      i worked in Poland for a while - Kozalin - not so pretty but I really liked the people. Plus, the beautiful Baltic coast was only 10 minutes away. :)

    2. Silvestru


      Haha I love the real talks. People who pretend that there are never small problems in family life make me heave.

      But I am sure you have a great family and you need a rainy day to appreciate the sunny ones. Keep fighting the good fight Koti.