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  1. This little guy had to put up with the horrible disk writig of Windows 7 and 10 for about 5 years and he has served me very well. He was quick and agile, never thought twice and always made good decisions. His death was as quick as his performance over the years. Goodbye my friend.


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    2. koti


      Well, after getting rid of ESET I'm stuck with using Windows Defender. IT looks like its downloading definitions often, we'll see.

    3. MigL


      AVG is just one of many free downloads.
      Others that come to mind, Avast and Avira.

    4. koti


      I used to use Avast and AVG over the years, the new win defender looks pretty good actually. I did some controlled tests and it prevented simulated attacks from my server downtown. I have a psychological problem using any antivir software now after having to rollback every day for 3 weeks due to the ESET issue. Im sure I will cure myself eventually though, thanks for the tips MigL.

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