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  1. Our 18 month old became recently as distructive as a black hole. He grabs things, imediately runs away at light speed laughing like an evil space lord and boom - the object is gone into oblivion. He fell asleep, we wanted to watch a movie but I can’t get the amp to work... aparently the evil space lord took care of that too. 

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    2. MigL


      Yeah, no.
      I always used protection.
      And at my current age its not an option.

    3. koti


      I wouldn’t dream of arguing with you on this, just keep in mind that a 96 year old man became a father in India recently.

    4. Moontanman


      That is the kids job, my oldest started using my stereo component cabinet as a play refrigerator when he was around 3. Poured apple juice into the power amp, talk about a mess! Took me hours to clean out the sticky juice and replace capacitors...  gotta love em!